How can PPC affect the Organic Results?


How can PPC affect the Organic Results?

Paid search campaign is always a topic of discussion. Normally, people stay confused between SEO and PPC. which one will help you to get more traffic? Today we are going to discuss the answer to this question and we are also going to look at the effects of PPC on Organic search.

Before beginning let’s just understand what is PPC and how it is different from SEO.

PPC is abbreviated from pay per click. That means you are paying search engines to show their advertisements on the top. Best PPC companies will suggest you invest a good amount in a paid campaign. As PPC can boost your organic search ranking. 

So for a person who has started his business, It is quite impactful for his business to invest an amount in the Paid campaign marketing.

Before investing in paid campaign, one must make sure that their website is technically sound in all area. It should be user-friendly, Mobile-friendly, attractive in look and it should be search engine optimized. 

If all these points are up to the mark then you can begin the paid campaign. 

Now let’s focus on the points which show that how can organic search be affected by PPC. 

As per search engines paid results do not Directly affect organic results. But it can indirectly affect the ranks. Let’s see how-

  • PPC can give you an initial boost if you are new in the market. For example, you have started an xyz business and you have done SEO but you are still not getting enough traffic then paid campaign can increase the traffic on your websites. If you have something important on your website than people will share it and you can get quality Backlinks which can be helpful for organic search ranking. So technically it can be useful for the beginners.

  • Actually, people often click on organic search instead of paid campaign. In a search, it revealed that on an average 50% traffic comes from organic search and 3% traffic comes from paid ads. So why to invest such amount on a paid campaign? The Answer is simple to increase the visibility of your brand. So traffic increase when you get into the sight.

  • Suppose your ad is on the top f the page but user skips it and moves a bit further. Then he/she found your website on SERPs. He/She will immediately recall the advertisement and thus this will settle in the mind of the user. Now your website has more chances to be clicked. It helps you to make the user inclined towards the website and they will end up buying it. If you have a new website,a new brand or new item them people don’t trust it easily but once they are familiar with it, they will definitely buy it.

  • Paid results in profound amount can affect organic search. Suppose you want to buy new shoes, so you search for shoes in search engine box. You get multiple results, in which on top you will see multiple images with the price tag and bottom of this you will find few paid results and in the right side of that you will get multiple advertisements of different e-commerce websites then you are more likely to click on those results. Thus it increases the percentage from 3 to almost 50%.

  • The Paid ad can help you to improve the sharing, link building, mention, tags etc. once you are in the market with a paid campaign, there is a high probability to get high-quality backlinks. Once search engine will know that you have tags from different websites, it will help you improve your organic ranking.

PPC can help you to improve rank on SERPs but for that, you have to be sure about your website. If you want a critical analysis of your website then you must contact to top audit companies. BY this way you can know where do you stand and how much work you have to do before investing in the paid campaign.

Let’s wrap it up

 If you have a limited budget and you are confused about SEO and PPC. Looking at the current scenario, I will suggest you focus on organic results. I have mentioned all the valuable points which can easily clear your doubts that you should go for PPC or not. PPC does not affect organic results directly but there is always a way to bypass it and get better results from the paid campaign.

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