How a SAAS company elevate their position in market by gaining right customer insight


How a SAAS company elevate their position in market by gaining right customer insight

In order to make a firm position in the market, it is essential to gain right customer insight so that you can discover the gaps between what you are offering to your customers and what they actually want from you. You need to closely analyze your customer behaviour to enhance the conversions. By adequately measuring and interpreting your customer behaviour you can get more knowledge to provide the best possible experience to your customers.  

Experts from Best Seo Company In Kansas shares how one of their clients owned a position in the marketplace by gaining insightful customer data to boost their conversions.

Let’s explore what really matters to your customers

  • Track customer behaviour on site

On-site behaviour means how the visitors interact with your site or what actions do they take. There are some businesses to which customers can only interact through their websites. In such case, it is crucial for the companies to understand their customers engage with their websites.

Tracking on-site behaviour will help you to gain knowledge about what your potential customers are interested in and what are the problems they face when they interact with your site. It will help you to discover the issues which hinder your customers to move further down the funnel.

By getting the accurate customer data and knowledge about their experience with your website, your team can better put their marketing efforts in the right direction.

For example, in case your potential customers prefer to save the content to read later, a PDF link can be included in the relevant post.

By monitoring your customer behaviour on your site, your SAAS company can improve the knowledge to provide better customer experience and hence boost the conversions.

  • Forms and Surveys

Forms and Surveys are the great ways to gain the information about your customers like what they are interested in, what they actually want from you and what are there issues?

Though it is found from research that excessive field requirements in the form will frustrate the visitors and they might leave before completing the form.

Consumers want faster results and they would not like to waste their time in completing a long form that consists of 15-20 question to get a free ebook.

So in order to know what works best for you, run different tests and know where customers are more willing to respond to surveys or forms. Both are the powerful tool to gather customer data, that can fuel your decisions to improve the engagement with your target audience.

Try experimenting with different fields to generate the best leads for your business.

  • Product usage

Earning the usage detail of your products is as important as earning a sale. This usage data will help your team to tweak the product in a way that works best for your target audience.

How different type of customers use your products, what is the frequency and how your customers navigate through the application? All these data are useful for your SAAS company to tweak the products to ensure that your products provide the true value to your customers.

Acquiring the usage data for your products will help you understand why your customers use the product and what features they value the most. You can get to know about your customer’s real intentions and what improvements you need to make in order to boost your conversions.

Usage data provides you with the growth opportunities and the insights about customers that will help you to get an edge against your competitors and new markets to pursue.

  • Deal intelligently with your customer complaints

You Saas business is likely to get customer complaints as its a fact that not everyone will be pleased with your customer service and products.

Consider the complaints as the growth opportunity as it gives you a chance to further improvements. Provide your customers best possible solution to their problems so that they can build a trust on you.

Try to be proactive in receiving your customer feedback through email campaigns or provide them with an option of rating your services and products.

Conduct interviews with the different segments of your customers, try to discover their issues or concerns and find out ways to deal with them. Asking them about their problems will help in getting the deeper knowledge about you customer’ concerns and what they actually want from your SaaS business which will ultimately result in increased conversions.

Also, provide training to your team on how to talk to unhappy customers. Give them some situations and observe their reactions and responses in different situations.

  • Taking Real Action

All the above insights will be meaningful only if you will accurately implement them to your strategy. Try to focus on strategies that will truly achieve you a big win for your Saas company rather than incorporating all at once.

Promote the culture of experimentation with different strategies. It will make your team come up with innovative ideas and plans and they will not afraid of making mistakes and know their blunders will provide a useful lesson to the team.

Take real actions to actively engage your visitors to turn into customers.

So, this is how your Saas company with the help of best SEO company in the USA and the above insightful ways can boost the conversions and own a position in the market which can be difficult to replace. If the conversion is your ultimate goal then focus on customer data and behaviour to provide the best possible experience.

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