Have a word: Let Podcasts spread it!


Have a word: Let Podcasts spread it!

Texts, videos, and images would hamper the movement of a person, the solution? Audio. Wait, what in audio? Podcast. Everyone loves discovering, the great players were found serendipitously, but when you are marketing you just have to try to come out of nowhere instead of going through ordeal moments, leave that for great players, your business would have to make a different fate. 

I know it’s 2018, and I know I am talking about the podcast, what’s wrong with turning the clock back if it is benefiting everyone. The re-emergence of the podcast has given us all to mull over it, and it is indeed one of the most intriguing things right now. It is one of the best channels to build the audience, relationship, and position of the company. 

Everyone is on the go and while everyone is working, all of them are trying to learn something so that they can expand whatever they are doing. The hike in the podcast industry is seen to be somewhere 300%. Podcast has secured the second-largest share of what people are listening to mostly. 

The reason behind the surge of podcast? Technology. The development of the podcast applications has made listening to it one of the laziest tasks to do. Who would not like to be productive after laying back on the couch? 

It’s time to instigate podcasting, why? The market is expanding every day and you need to blend in so that you can reap the most. 

Here are additional reasons to podcast:-


To increase traffic you would have to present something which is easily accessible and can be understood in the easiest way possible. Podcast can be streamed, played, downloaded all those things can be done on the go.

Posting podcasts would also lead you to the industry that is less-crowded but highly fancied. You would reach your potential clients way too quickly than your competitor. The applications have also have their search engines and ranking system which will let you forge your position much before than others. Like SEO and its best companies in houston seo and kansas city seo company, your company can also forge itself as one of the best podcast company. 


Bots are not liked by many people, the result, normal sales. To increase conversion the human element is essential and with podcast you can sell your services and products. People are more likely to purchase from you because their mind is already made up. Studies found out that the conversion rates were elevated. Podcast brings the platform to build trust simply because users are listening to the humans.


Podcast would enable you to share the powerful message you have and you will be able to place yourself as the leader. Inquisitive people would take the notice. Your message would have more shares and more listens in lieu of more views or reads. Your powerful message would be talked among the experts, more publicity. It will be criticized and applauded spontaneously. More people would give your message unprecedented attention. Your podcast would make you stand out from your competition and your clients would surely boast that thing and will always remain curious to your next message and it will build a talent pool for you as well. 

Next Level Engagement

The human connection is again vital in engagement. Wonder what if we had to read the letter in a movie? That’s…… boring. Indeed. The reason why directors have the voice of the actor behind the letter is to keep the human connection flowing and letter brings the opportunity adding emotions in it as well. In the same manner, yes, I know we do not need emotions here, but we need to build some anticipation and adding excitement to it would make things more exuberant. The podcast! 

The online fashion stores have started featuring lookbooks, an idea to sell more and an idea to engage their clients to their website. 

Podcast would provide an insight into the people and your every announcement will urge them to come back, which will happen. They will keep coming to listen to the podcasts. Add tools and they will share with their friends and this process is perpetual. The brand awareness and sales would reach a whole new level for sure. 

If you can do something more, start featuring people in your podcast, add the calls and answer them. Featuring people has taken marketing to another level, make the most of it on your podcasts. The engagement would be increased and for sure the SEO would also take unprecedented rise. 

Get started, here’s how:-

Turn your ideas into action because action matters. Your step-to-step plan is to be executed, once started and you would be rolling and will have enough plans overtime to keep the podcasts running. 

Start With The Basic Stuff

The very first thing is that you are not competing with the podcasters who are in the industry from years and have thousand unique listeners. The basic things would lay the foundation for great things. The basic stuff you need to focus:-

  • Title of podcast
  • Quick summary
  • Topics or agendas podcast would be about
  • Artwork for the podcast


Twice a week? Each fortnight? Once a month? 

The decision is yours to be made. It would depend on various factors, the topics, audience, you are always in better position to judge what’s better. The thing which matters is that you should always stay ahead of schedule, before instigating you should have at least three podcasts so that you can have enough to post even if things would go wrong. 


The quality of the content matters the most. Your podcast should be filled with the knowledge that is seeked by the listener else it is profligant. It is useless. Once the useless information is one the board, it will kill the buzz. 

Take time. Plan the topics, have days to prepare for the content. Identify the need of any listener. Number of topics. Time to be given to each topic. The end, one of the most important things to focus. The end has to be compelling and it should be. 

Always analyze what you are going to speak. Make sure the information that you are delivering is remarkable and productive for the listeners. Keep on garnering the information till you start podcasting. 

Length Of Podcast

The average time of an adult to take the lecture is 15-20 minutes. The best length, as you would have enough time to cover the topics and for listener it would not be a drag. The length of podcasts however vary. It can ranges from 10 minutes to 70 minutes, it always on you. 

Keeping podcast under 30 minutes is the best advice you can get. 30 minutes would prove to be enough to say things in the style and also to keep the listeners engaged. The more you will stretch the more you would have to say to keep the listeners engaged. Also if you interview an experts, going beyond 30 minutes would be a drag.


Inviting experts to your podcast would make things easier. Along with them they would also bring their audience, their arrival to your podcast would boost the profile of your podcast, and the quality of the content would not be thing to mull over it will definitely elevate to the expert level. 

Experts like to share their wisdoms, put the flashy things back. Just call them and start recording. They will take care of everything. 

Inviting experts to the podcast is not a tough thing. Make it brief and keep it short it will turn out to be sweet. Mention the reason why you want them and what are you planning to do. A quick ask. Provide an agenda to them and lay back, if they do not affirm to work with you, move on. Keep them updated and wait. 

Equipment and Setup

  • Microphone
  • Software that can record calls
  • Software that can edit audio

The equipments are not much. Everything would be sorted with the above-mentioned stuff. However, you will have enough to choose from, you are in better position to know what’s best for you. 

The setup also has nothing much, make sure it is absolutely quiet. The background noise could be distracting, filter it as much as possible. 

It is mostly about doing. You would not have to worry much about equipments. Just start you podcast because it would be a success due to the quality of content and consistency of it, not with the equipment.

Interview Questions

Asking right questions is an art. You would have to master it to create an interview of the top quality. The questions could be basic but the style of delivering should not be! 

The gap before asking another question is also a thing to keep in check. And do not interrupt the expert while they are answering unless absolutely necessary. The interrupted conversation would deplete the quality of the conversation and it would take away the interest of the expert from the interview. 


Free yourself of everything that is bothering you before interview and after interview. Editing is necessary for the interviews. It enables to cut undesirables humming and silences. During interviewing if you have said something out of context do not rush off, it can be edited later, go back and say what was appropriate and move to the next stuff. 


Once the final product is prepared, all of your focus should be shifted on its promotion. Traffic and conversion are the things that matter. And they were the initial intention so keep them in check and work on them right after the podcast is ready. 

Create headline that can create buzz. Do not put any mortified headline because you would not have such audience. Headline has to be enticing. It should provide an insight. It should leave the viewer of it wondering ‘how?’. 

Prepare description. Give little detail of what is in the podcast. The importance and benefits of the podcast are to be mentioned in it. 

Make sure the interviewee should share the podcast on the social media account. And do not forget to share your podcast on the podcast directories. 

Optimize the podcast. 

Opt-in Listing

It tough to make listeners sign-up for the opt-in. Offer them something more. Things that can entice them to sign-up. Provide them the pdf of the podcast and other stuff. Recognize them. Provide them with the summaries of the podcast before releasing. 

Sharing Option

Sharing should be easier for the listeners. Include the share plugins. Add the share buttons and you will see the rise in the number of listeners. 

Work Consistently

To get an idea which content drives the traffic you would have to post few podcasts. The aftermath would bring the stats and spotting topics would be easier for you and you will be sure of the reception of the traffic. Do not leave podcasting, to hit the success you would have to keep working. 

Podcast is the ocean which is to be discovered you can take a significant leap with it. Remember, content is of utter importance and experts would bring all other things. With SEO the traffic would come, getting the services of the Best Seo Company In denver would complement podcast as well.

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