Google’s Innovations In Latest Searches


Google’s Innovations In Latest Searches

Plus Operator - No More with Google

Google is the most extensively used search engine. Almost everyone or we can say the entire crowd who surfs internet is a Google user. Hence we are well aware of the frequent variations which Google keeps on bringing in order to modify its search methods and ranking factors. But this new innovation or strategy is quite surprising. Do you want to know which strategy? Then for your update seo companies orlando make yourself familiar with the fact that Google is no longer using the plus operator(+) in its searches. There is no official announcement of this fact hence many of us are still in the dark. Without any press release google has disappointed many subscribers because usage of plus operator in the search query was there since 15 years.

You used to type simple AI then the results would be like artificial intelligence, art institute, appraisal institute and to make your search more specific you used to correct your search by adding +AI. Now Google has modified this step and our dear + operator is no longer between us. Quotation marks have replaced the traditional plus operator.  

What new Google has added in its search queries?

After saying goodbye to the + operator Google has embraced “ “ operator . Now next time when you type your keywords then instead of :

ice cream + flavour + shop

type :

ice cream “flavour” “shop”

Now this novel invention of Google is like telling a school boy that from now on instead of using + operator for adding you will use “ “ operator. This is so unusual. The practice of using the plus operator has been there since such a long time and people are thoroughly indulged in this practice. This sudden change of Google has led to many controversies and inconvenience to the searchers as stated by phoenix seo services.

Google has reported that this technique is another step towards simplifying the searches and they are continuously working towards this goal. Adding new features, enhancing the layout and carrying out various experiments are the key methods Google just to enhance the searches. This step shows that Google lacks in far sightedness to identify what impact it will have on its searchers. Many seo experts think that Google removed this operator because of its social networking page Google+ so as to avoid the confusion. Whatever may be the reason let us see what impact it will have in the long run.  

Google’s short cuts for SERPs :

You perform search daily on Google but have you noticed a small blue arrow right next to your first search engine results page? That little blue arrow also has an essential significance. This blue arrow is a part of the new Google instant feature which enables the navigation of the SERPs with keyboard shortcuts but this will be active only if you have Google instant enabled.

Let us know how It Works :

Simple steps to follow and modify your navigation :

  •     Type a few keywords related to your search and then press the enter key before clicking on the search button.

  •     SERPs will appear with that blue arrow. It will act as your cursor and will tell you about your current selection.

  •     Now you can use all the keyboard shortcuts in the navigation of SERPs.

This latest innovation of Google has modified our day to day search by making it faster and more efficient and many seo firms and experts are looking forward for the application of this proactive approach without the usage of Google instant.

Spam Site Blocker Extension By Google :

The popular web browser “Chrome” is now modified by the extension of its spam site blocker. This approach by Google is to combat the  listing of many low quality websites or spam sites in the search results. Google is now making tiring efforts in making the Google search results pages free from spam site pollution and all this is being done by frequent updates in various algorithms.

Generally the sites using black hat tactics are the major culprit in Google’s eye and hence all such sites are marked by non existent content. Google is following its zero tolerance policy in combating web spam and this step by them is worth appreciating.

In order to get frequent and recent reports of web spam an online community should be involved with Google to monitor these malicious websites. This online community can make this possible by availing the necessary resources. As we all know that it is beyond our imagination to know how many sites Google spiders are crawling hence getting the updated reports of webspam is difficult for them hence this involvement of online communities will be of great benefit.

Google’ Tensor Flow becomes open source :

Heard about Tensor Flow? No? Then get updated, it is the new technique used by Google again for the same reason to make the searches more appropriate by training its systems to understand the world around it. The only principle of Tensor Flow is to “think”. By making it open source Google is giving away its tremendous technology.

What is the harm in making it open source?

Open source technology is as the name defines open for all. Anybody can modify it accordingly and use for different purposes. Making Tensor Flow open source results in a less controlled environment and as different people will access it differently there will be massive data being fed back to Google.

Tensor Flow is being used in almost every field from kids video games to sites related to adults. No doubt it is highly beneficial for Google as it is providing them a wide and detailed insight into the intentions of humans in different fields. But do you think this is a kind act? Will this act prove out good or bad we do not know but it will surely push AI to the zenith of success. Let us look at the words of Stephen Hawking on AI :

“A superintelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we’re in trouble.”

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