Google Good Core Web Vitals Scores Won't Improve Indexing


Google Good Core Web Vitals Scores Won't Improve Indexing

Holding a good web core vitals score will not necessarily result in better indexing results of the web pages in Google’s SERP.

The above-mentioned information is submitted by the Google search Advocate John Mueller during a central SEO office-hours hangout meeting.

The important point of concern is whether the score directly impacts the website quality and impacts how many web pages of the website while getting indexed. Website quality directly impacts the indexing of the website, as Google tries to index content that is of top-quality and looks up for the content that increases the worth of the SERP.

On the other hand, if the website is not corresponding to certain criteria of quality, then it can lead to either low indexing or no indexing of the webpage/ website. Still, the Core Web Vitals score is for ranking purposes, not for maintaining the quality of the content. Hence, the scores will not have a direct impact on the indexing.

Muller's also responded to the query regarding the Core Web Vitals score.

Impact of the Core Web Vitals Scores On Google Indexing

John Mueller stated that it is hard to answer the above query without looking for a specific website. Generally, the Core Web Vitals scores are not the quality factors, and they do not impact the ranking of the website.

The statement released by John Mueller :

“I don’t think so. It’s really kind of hard to look at this without looking at a specific website. But, essentially, the Core Web Vitals kind of plays into the Page Experience ranking factor — and that’s more of a ranking factor. That’s not a quality factor.

And in particular, it doesn’t play in with how much we actually crawl and index from the website. In some cases, there is a little bit of a relationship between how fast the page is and how fast we can crawl it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So that’s something where usually these sides are less connected and not completely tied together.”

John Mueller also stated that good Core Web Vitals scores will not always lead to faster crawling of the webpage.

In addition to the Core Web Vitals and page experience, there are several other factors that affect the landing of the webpage/website.

“So in particular when it comes to Page Experience, because the time it takes for a page to actually load depends on so many factors — more than just that one request to the server, it can be that maybe you have fonts on this page, or maybe you have large images that are pulled in from other sites. All of these things are elements that play into how fast the page loads for a user, but don’t actually map to how fast we can crawl a page.

Obviously, if your server is so slow that any request made to the server kind of takes a couple of sections, then that’s something where I’d say well, your page will be slow and Google’s crawling will be slow just because we can’t crawl as much as we would like. But, for the most part, if you’re talking about some pages are good, and crawling is reasonably fast, then I wouldn’t expect to see a relationship between the Core Web Vitals scores and the crawling and indexing of a website.”

Therefore, to conclude, the above write-up clearly states that the Core Web Vital scores will not directly affect the crawling of the web page. There are several other factors you need to consider that impact the indexing of the webpage/website.

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