Feeling Lazy in Answering Emails - Let Google Do It


Feeling Lazy in Answering Emails - Let Google Do It

Answering emails has always been a mundane and time taking task. It is fine when we have to answer any relevant mail but what about those which are not that important but still we can’t ignore them ? So Google has come to our rescue again. It is successful in finding out the ultimate help of answering emails from our side. This great venture of Google is the outcome of AI. So thanks to AI which focuses on digging out the ways in which we human beings communicate and what we actually mean. 

Nobody can ever know what's inside our mind except us ourselves and so is the problem with AI. According to seo new york Google’s new invention is all about relating to explore our minds but they are not that successful. Let us have a quick look at Google’s Rank Brain algorithm for a better understanding:

Google has always tried to search for such technologies or to invent such algorithms which actually focus on the intent of the user. They have always tried to peek into our minds so to cater the relevant information what we are genuinely searching for and Rank brain is one of those algorithms. Although it is totally computer based and has to tackle around 15% of those searches which google has never experienced before. Its major task is not to rank the sites simply but to analyses the queries of the user and carve out the important assumptions related to them. So now we are aware that Google is more directed towards user behavior.

This algorithm portrays that AI is facing some troubles in understanding the user behavior properly. Now let us discuss about our topic again. So let us relocate ourselves to the latest automated algorithm being used by Google in answering the mails moreover helping in live conversations. This one is based on the usage of natural language. What happens is google reads your email and instead of just focusing on the keywords it has now transformed into analyzing them that what they actually mean and what reply it is expecting. And to implement this new method they provide you with three options in the reply section so that you can use them as quick replies. Now reading this there will surely be a question that Why is google doing this?

So the simple answer is to understand your intent. What reply you will give to which email, which emails can be responded briefly, which option you will choose for specific messages, what they understand, how much are they close to your response and are they really entering into your minds and lot more things. This strategy as stated by seo services in orlando will help them to get more knowledge about languages and communications without the involvement of programming and several codes and will make their search criteria more powerful. Improved results due to the automated systems based on predictions and learning about user intentions is a marvelous approach in itself so just think how much useful it will be for us. But in the end it's Google’s smartness because this tool is not exactly a helping tool for us but their strategy to enhance advanced search and AlI.

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