Enter the World of the ‘Bots’ and Interact with the Audiences


Enter the World of the ‘Bots’ and Interact with the Audiences

A lot of fuss has been going around the bots. Some brands are going all armageddon over the bots while some are showing no interests whatsoever. According to the patriots of the bots, they are a revolution in the tech industry and they will change the face of the digital world for good.

Do you know about the ‘bots’ well enough? And about the ‘chatbots’? What about the ‘botnet’?

Well, let us help you to understand the world of bots with a simple explanation. The bots are nothing but a software to automate the tasks. They can be used in a variety of applications. The most popular use of bots is in the chats or customer care services. These bots are called the chatbots.

Let us take an example. When you visit a site or you make a contact with the cab booking services, you get a message ‘what can I help you with today’. What do you think there is a person at the other side of the line who is sending customized message to all? No, that is not true. The initial messages are all automated. When the bots identify your issue, they either try to solve them by more automated messages or they connect you with the representative of the department concerned.

So, now you know the basic about the chatbots too. The botnet is nothing but a vision to drive all the day to day application via a single bot instead of the need to download different apps.

Isn’t it great?

Well, that depends on which side you are. Many brands are developing their own bot to communicate with their audiences and making every task automated. With the Facebook providing a platform to make your own bot, brands can make it without many complications. Let us know why various SEO Agencies consider chatbots an asset for a brand and the customers.

#1. Fast and Easy Communication

This goes without saying that the automation of tasks makes it convenient and fast. The customers would not have to wait for a department representative to narrate the problems. The bots are based on AI, and they can understand the grievances of the customers and provide a relevant solution within seconds. They also have a feature to adapt and learn from the interactions. As the interactions increases, the bots become more sophisticated.

#2. No need to visit the website

Honestly, how many of you go to a website on mobile phones when there is an app available?

There must not be many of you. The apps have changed the way customers access the internet. Websites are heavy and it is harder to communicate on the small screens. The apps, however, are light and gives personalized push notifications. The bots will change this way further by providing a great conversational experience.

#3. No need to download the app either

So, apps are easy but what if you can manage different applications through a single bot? Isn’t it the height of the convenience? You do not have to download an app and invest a part of your smartphone memory to that. As such, bots can help with the same facilities without even gaining much of your phone’s memory.

#4. Easy access

Bots can be used on any app and on any web. It is no big deal to lose the customers from your site, you can catch them anywhere and anytime they are connected to the internet. Let us consider the messaging apps. The brands only have to develop a bot and they can connect with the customers on these messaging platforms. There is no need to set a new platform for making the conversations.

The bots would change the way we make purchases and contact with the customer care but according to the best SEO Companies, they will not replace the customer care program that we have now, anytime soon. 

What do you think? How far is the time when machines will take over and there will be a real Skynet event like in the Terminator movie?

Do not worry, nothing of this sorts is going to happen. Give your opinions about the bots and how you are going to use them in the comment box below.

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