Do not focus too much on ranks to measure your SEO success


Do not focus too much on ranks to measure your SEO success

Many SEO clients focus on getting top ranking in the search engine results. They want their website to rank number one in SERP for their priority keywords. But what they don’t realize is that ranking can never be guaranteed. It tends to fluctuate. 

Yes, we know that ranking is important, website that rank well tends to drive more traffic, but when it comes to getting that number one position, you need not to worry about so much.

Here is what top seo companies in India say why you should not focus on getting top position in SERP.

  • Rankings Fluctuate

If you see your page is ranking on number one position for a particular keyword or key phrase, it is not going to be same forever. Every industry has tough competition these days, every business owner is investing in SEO and content marketing to attain that number one position. It has become more tough to get that number one rank and even more tougher to stay there. You have control on your website, what your competitors are doing you have no control over it. It is very much possible that a website that ranks number one today is on third position tomorrow.  

So rankings do fluctuate as the competition is so fierce in the market that you have little control over it.

  • Number one might not mean anything

A number one ranking is only valuable if its generating traffic and conversions. There is no sense of getting number one position for the keywords that have very low search volume. Promising top rankings for such keywords is easy but what’s the point of that number one position if its not driving traffic to your site and no conversion is there. It’s all waste of time focusing on top rank for those keywords for which people aren’t searching for. This approach lets you target for the keywords that might not even be that relevant and driving wrong audience at your site.

  • Personalised Search

The search results are likely to vary depending on the factors like previous search history, last social media activity, location. It might possible that people searching for same thing get different set of results. You may see different result yourself depending on search you made is on desktop or it is on mobile devices. The search engines want to provide the best possible and relevant results to searchers depending on their personal preferences. Thus search results might vary accordingly.

  • Temptation

Focusing on too much on top ranks will get you be obsessed with it. It leads you dabbling into the black hat practices for SEO. These practices might help in short term but search engines now have become smart enough to identify those black hat practices that violate the search engine guidelines and might penalize your site for adopting wrong techniques to gain top position.

Small fluctuations on monthly basis are normal in the rankings, so you need not to worry about that unless there is some drastic change in the results. Then in that case you need to go deeper to investigate what actually happened how can you resolve the problems. Otherwise your focus should be on generating more and more traffic in addition to website conversions because this is what your site’s ultimate goal is. You can take help from best seo company in delhi to get more conversions at your site.

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