Did you know about ‘Recent Purchases’ Feature of Google?



Did you know about ‘Recent Purchases’ Feature of Google?

Yesterday, I was on an online shopping spree and browsed through many shopping sites to find a perfect lipstick shade because I got bored of the previous one. I was very much happy with this last one and thought of buying a different shade from the same brand. As we all are the slave of our habits, instead of searching on shopping sites for a shade, I searched on Google to read the reviews of some bloggers and see the swatches. When I typed the name of the lipstick in Google search bar, I was shocked!

Below one organic result, there was a box named ‘Recent Purchases’ with the information about which shade of this lipstick I purchased before and from which website.  I was like; Wooh! Google, are you spying on me? Some people may find it cool, but to me it was creepy. How can someone know about my purchases? I am very secretive in this matter. Working for best SEO Companies like SEO Vancouver has that effect on you.

What I did next?

I just ran to my brother and asked him if he knew about any such feature. He nodded in no and thus, it feed the inquisitive worm inside me and I clicked on the ‘learn more’ option.

It took me to this page:


What I found next?

Here, I came to know that it is a new feature of Google, more like it is a new chapter to being user-friendly. Some people want to know about what products they already purchased online so that they may not purchase it once again. Not only purchases, you can also know about your last bills, events, reservations etc. Here is a snapshot of the services that Google offer-

The trick behind is- it collects data from Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+. Whenever you search for a particular kind of information like flights, reservations, purchases, bills, appointments etc., you can have it at your very own place- Google search results page. So, I thought, let us try something and I typed ‘my purchases’ in the search box and BOOM… There they were; my last five purchases.

At the bottom of ‘Your purchases’ box, there were three options- at the left-hand side was ‘Show 10 more results’ and at the right-hand side was ‘Learn more/feedback’ option. On expanding each purchase tab, you can know more about the purchase.

Is this something new? What is new about that?

I researched about this on the internet and found somewhere that it is not a new concept, ‘my purchases’ has been there for a year now. I think the reason behind that I noticed it so late was; now when you search for your purchased product on Google, it shows your ‘recent purchases’.

How can you choose ‘Do not use’?

If you share your laptop with someone, or you have secrecy issues, you can opt out from this feature. Go to https://www.google.com/preferences and select ‘Do not use private results’ under private results tab.

Well, I forgot to purchase what I intended to, but anyhow the new discovery (at least for me) was worth it all. You may like it or hate it, but according to SEO Victoria, it is something interesting which was to happen sooner or later. Let us see what Google comes up with next, any suggestions?

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