Comprehensive Guide For Increased Online Sales With Web Analytics


Comprehensive Guide For Increased Online Sales With Web Analytics

For every online business, or business having its website should access analytics tools to keep track on the traffic. However, most of the business owners does not take complete advantage of web analytics tools, or may be they don’t know how to use it. So, here we are presenting a comprehensive guide, introducing web analytics with SEO beginners


Web analytics is considered as an enlarged market that proposes a range of platforms comprising rich data, which is obtained from real time users. By using various analytics tools and techniques, one can make informed decisions and deliver improved online experience for their website. Referring links, bounce or exit rates, page views, on-site time - all of these data available with analytics tools can assist any marketer in its best way. The data will contribute in finding the treasure trove for efficient marketing strategy. 


Web analytics helps at its extent in SEO, however, various business owners outsource the SEO services from professional companies. You can search for these professionals in your city, by using phrases like California SEO Company (If You are seeking services in California) or Chicago SEO company (If you are living in Chicago). 


Some of the marketing expertise propose effective tips on how to use web analytics tools so that you make fruitful decisions for your business rather than struggling with complex marketing strategies.


Track Your Website & Perform Optimization Accordingly


Nowadays, the improvised web analytics tools provide enlarged data which proves to be productive including speed of the site, on-site visitors behavior, traffic sources and results from various surveys. You need to access all the data and perform actions accordingly. It will help you to have improvised customer experience while getting enhanced conversions. Alongside, the analytics tools also provide information about the devices, which users have been using to access your website. 


With web analytics, the data list never ends as it also delivers the information related with users gender, age, location and interests through segment features and demographics. These demographics will assist any marketer to have a refined strategy to reach out the targeted audience. 


Access Search Analytics & Build-up Consistently


Search analytics is believed to be a key aspect, which contributes in building-up your business consistently. It comprises a simple formula like search for popular phrases that people can use to land on your website. You can access web analytics to perform this search. With this analysis, you will be able to find out new opportunities and better ways to refine the sales persistently. 


Grade the Landing Page Metrics


Landing pages are meant to attract maximum traffic to your website. Through web analytics tools, you can check your metrics associated with your landing pages regularly, so that you have an idea about the audience who have been redirected to the pages through search engines or other platforms (Social Media). On landing pages, the marketer should add only relevant information which interest the targeted audience. 


If we talk about the metrics aspects, bounce rates give larger information about the user engagement on your website. We all know that bounce rates offer details about the user time spend on your website, thus it enables you to optimize your page for value and relevancy on the basis of user’s bounce rates. 


Utilize In-page Analytics & Heat-maps


If a marketer wants to recognize the best performing CTA (Calls-to-action), then in-page analytics and heat maps help the most. It is believed that marketing analytics benefits the marketer with prominent data arrived from various perspective in order to refine your calls-to-action and get higher rates of conversion. 


On the other side, the heat map enables the marketers to map the location of site users, where activities are performing actively. This information would contribute in placing your ads to appropriate place so that you have higher chances of attracting traffic. Click Tale and Crazy Egg are believed to be popular heat map tools. 


Access Survey Analytics & Increase Awareness


With online surveys, the marketer will be able to have a better understanding on the interest of targeted audience, and perform marketing practices accordingly. To help with the survey, some online tools are also available which are referred as Survey Analytics. The survey analytics will enable you to evaluate the data in an effective manner by gathering data, performing analysis and using different data visualization. 


Invest Intelligently & Expand the Website Traffic


Companies, which comprises big fat marketing budget, doesn’t mean to spend their budget blindly. For intellectual investment strategy, the marketer is required to keep a track on the website traffic and recognize the different channels, who are providing higher conversion rates. The best approach to perform this practice is none other than web analytics tools. 


Fortunately, there are a number of web analytics tools available over the internet which converts complex data into easy-to-understand reports, and provides better insight for your website. The list of potent analytics tools are described below: 


Google Analytics 


It is one of the best analytics tools that can be used by any website owner. This tool gives information about the keywords that are encouraging visitors to land over to your web page, along with provides the data about those aspects which are not working appropriately for the site. Further, it generates a report which embraces all the data about visitors, sources of traffic, objectives, e-commerce and content. The only drawback of Google Analytics is, it take time in delivering updated information. But there are many other tools that offer real-time data. 




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This analytics tool enables the website owner to keep track on the visitors movement. The provided stats with this tool allows you to identify user behavior while recognizing the patterns and recent referrers. It proposes an easy visual format for visitors activity to the marketers which is referred as Timeline View. This tool can be used freely for 30 days. 


Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics.jpg

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This analytics tool adapts the functions of other resources and keeps it simple. The provided data through this tool includes real-time conversion analytics, keyword analytics, reports of email performance, top traffic sources, analysis report of the landing page and easy click configuration. It tracks visitor’s path over a website completely - from the time he landed over the web page till he left. You can try this analytics tool free for 14 days, and after that, you can buy its standard plan for $49 per month. 




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The clicky tool is easy to use for analytics if you own only one website. It delivers complete real-time analytics report embracing spy views so that you can see what the current visitor is doing on your website. Alongside, this tool can also be used on mobile, providing the access to visitors stats wherever you go. is a different approach of tracking users activity over a website. In this tool, the activities of the user on your website will be recorded on video and after an hour, the website owner will receive the feedback about the site. The amount for this tool is charged as per the participants you want to track and the cost for an individual stands at $39. 




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This tool allows the users to get the most of their data through instant information. It constantly views the user activity on your website, which further make you understand the necessary modifications to your website design and content. The time you sign up on this tool, you will have a free access for a month and after that, you can continue with $9.95 per month. 




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It is based on the heat map technology in order to provide the complete picture of site visitors and their activities. It shows the movement of visitor's mouse and clicking segment on your websites. Thus, it can help you to identify those areas of your website which are attracting a maximum number of clicks. It offers one-month free trial and after that, the standard plan starts from $9 for each month. 




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This analytics tool benefits its customers with real-time stats, which one don’t get from Google Analytics. It costs $30 for a single website. It gives information about the visitors location and what they are viewing at your website. One of its parts, Pepper mill enables you to identify the adjustment areas across your website in order to make it more compatible for users. 



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Another tool which provides real-time information to the users. It is a desktop application, delivering visitors stats which includes their location, details about the web pages they visit frequently and their web browser. You can also chat with visitors through this analytics tools, which can prove to be an asset for an e-commerce website. You can use this tool freely for limited time period along with it has various paid options. 

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