Building the Brand on Twitter By Hosting Twitter Chats


Building the Brand on Twitter By Hosting Twitter Chats

The concept of ‘discussions’ is not new.

The online discussions are not only the opportunity to provide a much deserving exposure to the brand, they also help to build a relationship with the customers. People would discuss anything when they think that is worth discussing, right?

What of you can host such a discussion about your brand? This would make it super easy to track the conversions. You can get better insights about the audiences; creating an awareness about your product. 

Twitter chats are such an opportunity. Twitter is a unique social media platform with 140-character limit. People find it exciting to express their thoughts in that word-limit. If you host one of these chats, you can gain new followers and know the existing ones better.

Let us see what you have to do to make the Twitter chats a success for you.

#1. Get accustomed, know the rules

If you are hosting a Twitter chat for the first time, firstly, know how things proceed in it. Know how people participate in the chat and what is the role of the brand hosting that chat. The marketers of SEO Miami participate in one of the discussions themselves to get the right idea. They just make friends with some active participants so that they can invite them to their chat too.

#2. Choose what message you want to deliver

You would want to select a topic that is relevant to your business and interests the audience too. Carefully decide what it is gonna be. Know what are the pain points of the audiences and what may make them participate. What they care about and what is the thing they can discuss freely. Choose the trending topics so that audience will have something to talk about.

#3. Set the countdown

Time is everything. If you start a chat at the wrong time when your audience is not listening, you will not get any participation. To avoid hearing crickets, announce the date and time for your chat in advance. Select the time at which the audience are active and participation is maximum.

#4. The right # that brings the participants

For Twitter chats hashtags are important, no doubt. Use the hashtags that are unique yet highly relevant. They should be short and memorable. Even after your chat ends, people will remember the hashtag and mention it if they are writing something about you. Thus, the tracking becomes very easy. These hashtags should be decided after much brainstorming to avoid it getting backfired.

#5. Who is going to be the moderator?

The chat needs to go in the right direction. While people are discussing, a lot can go wrong. The moderators are the people who feed the content in the middle to keep the conversation on the right track. A brand can become a moderator but that is just considered as a marketing stunt. A moderator should be an impartial person who does not represent the brand. If you can get some influential person to be the moderator for your chat; it would be great.

#6. Invite people to increase the participation

You can send invitations to the people who are usually interested in such kind of discussion. In the first point, we told you to make friends while participating in a discussion, it is time to take advantage of the connection. These people should not be randomly selected. They should have a high following who trust them. They should be credible and have some unique qualities to offer to your chat.

#7. Promote on other social media too

Twitter is not the only platform where you have to invite people, you can deliver the message on other social platforms too. Your audiences who are not in contact with you on Twitter will also get the message and come to join the discussion. Post about it on your blog too. As you market any product or event, market the chat too.

#8. Use a story and a visual

Decide how you are going to start the discussion. Prepare a story that would be the base of your conversations. Include pictures in it. Write the information that the audience might want to know about this chat. Once the conversations start and go in the wrong direction, it is very difficult to manage it. The more appropriate way is to start the conversation right with the clear message the chat is going to be about.

#9. Draw the conclusion and publish it

Know what the audiences were generally talking about. Declare the result and draw a conclusion. Publish some tweets that stood out in the discussion. These tweets will become the content for you for the next few days. These will also bring more traffic as the people will like to know what they missed. Top SEO Companies also embed these chats on the blog to let people know about it.

Prepare yourself to get the attention and participation of the Twitter audience. If you have hosted a Twitter chat before, please comment on how it went for you. If you have any suggestions for our readers, we are all ears.

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