Search engine optimization is must if you want your company to be part of the digital space. Digital platforms are a very competitive sphere and to exist in it, companies need seo.

Bigger companies spent millions to achieve higher ranking by seo but it does not mean at all that smaller companies or startups cannot have them. Shedding million bucks are strategy for later but for now smaller budget companies will have to give focus and high quality content to have higher search traffic.

Listed below are certain tips to have a robust seo strategies without spending million bucks

  • Focusing on long tail keywords:

To have effective seo, long term phrases are to be used instead of just keywords. Long tail phrases caters very specific need of the user. These are long and accurate than the shorter keywords.

There are some advantages for using long trail phrases as identified by seo consultants

  • Particular focus on intent and content production

  • Competition is much less as compared to keyword variations

  • Satisfaction of the customers are more since the searches results are highly focused

  •  Conversion rate in long tailed keywords are high because it has highly qualified traffic and potential customers through online searches.

It is true that long trail phrases has less traffic than the general keywords. But customers of long tail phrases are highly focused and likely to convert into buyers. Firms providing top seo service identifies that investment in long term phrases are good for smaller budgets because google always updates itself and make algorithms that are more closer to specific search queries.

  • Enhance quality guest blog post

Guest blogging always proves to be a better strategy because it allows to spread your knowledge to newer audience and earn backlinks. As long as the content is of high quality and valuable, guest blogging is helpful in enhancing traffic.

Houston seo company identifies guest blogging as an effective tool for low budget seo strategy. It helps to establish good relationship and earn valuable links

  • Local seo

To rank high in competitive keywords nationally in your selected niche would definitely be very expensive. Bigger enterprises spend millions to remain at the top nationally. With lower budget, targeting local seo and regional based traffic is the best. Earning best ROI and regional presence will have better business and attention of traffic regionally than be lost among global giants.

  • Setup account for google my business and local seo

Google my business accounts are a must have before any marketing strategy says experts from seo company in los angeles. Google my business is a directory that google uses to find the local business based on the user search. Google my business will increase your reach and will enhance the local seo.

Along with google my business accounts, registering in other local business directories will also be beneficial. This will increase potential clients, higher ranking in searches and generate backlinks.

  • Generation of local reviews

Reviews are the backbone of local seo. It is some what a digital mouth to mouth marketing strategy. Having good reveiws always creates the sense of trust in the potential customers who are interested to do the business. Google also identify the uses these reviews to understand the business and shows it on local search results.

  • Local networking

If you want to  mark your presence locally, it becomes important that local networking should be increased. Meeting and collaborating locally can increase the brand awareness among the local customers. For example if you have wedding card business, you can collaborate with any wedding organizer company and can show the kind of work you can offer. In this way customers will be able to identify your work.

Money is not a constraint in having a robust seo. Seo in low budget need lot of attention and quality in terms of content and creativity. 

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