Best seo tips for websites to be launched


Best seo tips for websites to be launched

You have a bright business idea and you created a new website on internet. But to make this website visible to as many as possible, you need a secondary helper i.e SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimizer. It is basically a process of extracting traffic which is free and organic from search engines. Without the help of SEO, search engines cannot categorize the content of the website and hence its ranking gets affected. For a fairly new website, attracting traffic and then converting them into potential buyers are the goal that a marketer targets

Top SEO agencies have given certain guidelines that can be kept in mind while formulating a new website on internet.


To get better SEO services, it is important that the structure of the page should be made according to the target keywords. The construction of the website should be made as such that each page should target the closest keyword it is resembling to.

For example: we are launching a website for ladies bags and shoes then we can dedicate multiple pages for each variety of bags and shoes.

This way we are categorizing the website into smaller subcategories. Each category will include a single keyword. Keeping sub categories and sub pages increases the relevance of the website by many folds and also allows targeting each keyword closely. It should always be kept in mind that it is better to have many sub pages then to clutter many keywords on to same page and lower its relevance quotient.


The best way to get a strong SEO is to have a high relevant content. It is important to have content that are interesting to read and solves problem. SEO firms has suggested that content which are shorter and light have a lower ranking while content that are long and detailed gets maximum ranking on the search engines. It is always seen the website with long contents tends to attract inbound link more than the shorter ones. So even it is time consuming it is better to have longer contents for the website. The content in the website should always satisfy the questions asked by the customers.


 Title tags are the text that search engine reflects whenever the user tries to search a particular thing. It is very important to use title tags that are close to target SEO keywords. Title tags should be as such that defines the content that the page contains. It should always carry the SEO targeting keyword related to the page.


Meta description refers to the small snippet of the information that comes under the website and the URL in search engines. It is important to give the website with a short and focused Meta description as it may affect the clickthroughrate. It compels the user to click on the website rather going for the competing website. Meta description should always be catchy so that it can attract the user's attention.


To have a top ranking on the search engines it is important to build links. Website’s reach can be increased by promoting it to colleagues, friends or family. If the content of the website is worth making a new then newspapers and channels can also be used to increase the reach. Blogs related to the content of the website can prove to be a tool for promotion.

To start with new website and get ROI from the beginning ,it is important to incorporate these factors in the website.Remember a well architected witness maximum traffic for customers.

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