Barnacle SEO: A Forgotten Technique, Or Is It?


Barnacle SEO: A Forgotten Technique, Or Is It?

Few years back, barnacle SEO or parasite SEO had a very prominent presence in the SEO world. All the major SEO firms like houston seo were very much active in implementation of this technique. But with the time passing and new google updates, people have forgotten this star SEO technique. But is it really the truth? Have we really forgotten barnacle? The barnacle that made us so popular back in the day, because of which we are at the current position. No..absolutely not. Barnacle SEO can never be deserted. It is still relevant and still used. But just not by the name. Each strategies of barnacle seo has grown their own popularity and known by their individual names rather than by the common tag ‘barnacle’.

Enough of barnacle. Some newbies in seo business, do not know this term. Let us tell you. Barnacle means being tied with the big rock in the sea, such that when current strike the rock, the ‘tied substance’ will also get the nutrients out of the water current. The ‘big rock’ being the higher authority popular site that rank better than you for specific keywords. The ‘tied substance’ is you, the sea is the internet market and the nutrients are the pool of audiences associated with the popular sites. Hope the term explains it all. You are associating with the popular sites that fall in your niche such that their visitors can become yours and you do not have to work hard for coming among the top results in search engine results page; when it already is.

Take an example. It is the last date of depositing the fee and a big queue outside the accounts office that goes to outside the campus. Doesn’t it sound familiar? We all must have faced this situation in college days. So.. you just came and shocked to see the queue. What would you do? You can join the queue. Use some tricks to move forward. Become a cutter and after long hours you reach at the front. And now the office is closed. Damn..all the work and wait, goes in vain. What could be the better approach? You know someone who is already at the front positions of the queue, you give your fees to him and ask him to deposit yours too. And done..! Isn’t it smarter and less tiring? And well..if you do not know anyone who is in the front, just build the relation. Offer him something in return. Convince him and tell him the benefits of associating with you. And your work is done. 

Now it may be becoming clear to you that we know the technique, we are often implementing it but didn’t know it by name. Now let us discuss various methods of ‘tying the knot’ that fall under this broader term: barnacle.

1. Link building

Sigh..Isn’t it very popular and one of our target strategy to improve the search engine rankings? Obviously yeah. There is not much to explain under this category. You simply just put your links in the third party web pages, such that when visitors click on it, they are redirected to your site. Thus you get visitors but not by organic search. It is the most popular way to barnacle. But proper implementation is very important. If you over do it, your site may be penalised.

2. Guest Post

Another very obvious way to ride with another website. Write guests posts on popular websites such that your content get noticed by their audiences. When people like your content, they become curious to read more from you. So visit your site and then bookmark you for future visits. Ultimately all you are doing is developing a world class content that feed the need of readers.

3. Social Media Sharing

Social Media is the best way to promote your website. You can start a business from scratch and can make it popular via social media. The task is very time consuming. So for quick results, you can ask associated sites to mention you on social media. Appreciate you, post your content so that their audience may read it and visit to your site.

4. Advertising(Native ads)

Native ads are becoming so much popular. These are the ads that do not appear ads. They have similar content value, representation and visibility as the content of the website. Thus sometimes it is difficult to figure out that the post is actually a big advertisement. Get affiliated with popular sites that advertises a third party on their site. Put up good articles that have something useful to provide to customers, such that even if people know in advance that the post is an advertisement, they anyhow go ahead and read.

5. Content Partnership

It is often not implemented in great numbers. We have seen youtubers working together, making a video. But not many websites. Businesses today have their own content writing teams and they build an individual content. But if you are connecting with the big website, why not connect with the content team too. Share the ideas and develop a content in partnership. Promote it together.

6. Provide Suggestions

It is not a very effective method, but certainly worth trying. You can go through various websites, observe their visuality and content quality. Suggest them to do ‘this’ or ‘that’. Thus when they actually implement it or create that requested content, you get an honorary mention that ‘that website’ requested this content. The link built is not that strong, but is something.

7. Ask to review

Again very doable method. Ask the targeted websites to write a review post on the services you provide or the content that you wrote recently. The popular websites have many loyal customers that actually try what they suggest. You will get more visits and more conversions.

Implementing the Barnacle SEO

Now we know what is barnacle seo and what are its types. But before proceeding to actually implementing it, certain things are to be kept in mind. You need to do your homework first.

  • Select the object that you are gonna target. Like you are gonna target your content, or product or website as a whole. Create the further strategies accordingly. Choose from the above methods that suits you the best. And you can always use more than one method for this.

  • Make a list of the sites that you want to associated with. Do not rely only on one site. When one site backlink you for many pages, google get suspicious and penalise both the sites. So open the directory and write all the sites possible. Remember target only those sites that already rank better for the keywords that are in your SEO plan of action. Do not just include any popular site that does not fit in your niche.

  • Include keywords in the content/link. How can we forget keywords. These are very important even if we are not trying to rank in the search result. But we want to. So stuff your targeted keywords in the content and in the link.

  • Get the visuals right. Images, banners or videos add so much life to the content. Include these to make your content a treat to watch. Keep in mind the format and content type of the actual website. Your content should stand out but not in the weird way.

  • Get reviews. It is very essential to  know that your plan is working or not. Ask for reviews from the audiences who are reading your content. Ask from the site about how your content/ad is performing. Learn from the mistakes and keep going.


Barnacle SEO is still so relevant for the small and new businesses that can not afford hard core SEO for better rankings and visibility. But that does not mean businesses can do it on their own. It is always beneficial to take some professional help and what a better help than seo services in kansas. They keep you ahead of your competitors by tracking the real opportunities, long term relationships with websites that are receiving large traffic and optimising your content for better user experience. Do not join the crowd and competition of coming at top. Rather ride with the one that is already at the top. In these times, only hard work is not sufficient, it is smart work that does the trick.

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