Aware or Convert? Where to place Your Content Bet on?



Aware or Convert? Where to place Your Content Bet on?

All the content is not created equal, nor it should be. There are primarily two types of content; one is to aware audiences, to provide them important insights about your brand, and the second one is to convert, to get links, audiences, and acquisition. The first kind of content is to establish a brand’s persona in the market while the second one is to send prospects on the road to purchase. None is complete without the other one backing.

Let us see how SEO Agencies defines the two contents.

#1. Content to Aware:

  1. These include blog posts which are centered around audience’s problem and their solutions. The aim of such content is to make audiences realize that they have an issue which needs to be solved. This content does not sell anything, nor there are any call-to-action buttons, it only creates a good impression of the brand.

  2. Storytelling is the most potential tool for such content because they evoke a sense of belonging, a nostalgia in audiences which helps to connect and engage better.

  3. It sometimes tells the inside story of the brand, its objectives, its strategies, and people associated. It is almost like showing (not really) the vulnerable human side of your brand.

  4. When people know about you all, they probably show interest in getting associated.

  5. Supporting a cause is another way to aware people about your brand. People want the good work to get going, so tapping their emotional side is not harsh or cold, it is wise.

  6. Telling people what they really want to know at this moment is the fundamental practice of this content. It is much like giving away your expertise for free.

#2. Content to Convert

  1. It is not new for most of you people. It is actually a next step to the above content. When you have made people realize that they have a problem and solution is available too, in this content, you tell people that you are providing the best solution out there. E.g. Talking about stretch marks in new mothers, in the content to aware, you would tell them that applying castor oil is beneficial. To convert these audiences, you tell that you sell the best castor oil which can heal their stretch marks fast.

  2. People already know about your brand and your first strategy made sure of it. Now is the time to convince them that they proceed to purchase.

  3. There are four stages for which you have to create the content; to tell them that you provide a solution, to tell them that you are the best, to provide them offers to make the decision soon and to help them with after-sales tutorials. When you have got all the four instances covered, no one can push you back from acquiring sales.

  4. It is not about the brand, it is about needs of people. No matter who you are are and what you do, show that you can meet the immediate needs of the people.

So, do not put your all your content eggs in one basket, understand the need of both kind of contents. They are not mutually exclusive but they are not overlapping too. Let’s just say that they compliment each other. When people do not know you, they would not buy from you and when they buy from you, they would expect to know you better. According to SEO services Companies, accept the differences between two kinds of content and employ the practice to get success.

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