Answers Unlocked: How Google Judges a Content


Answers Unlocked: How Google Judges a Content

When it comes to content, everyone has their own opinions. Some focus on keywords while some like to base their content on intent. All SEO Firms have their own opinions and strategies on which they formulate their content. Google has made one thing clear that content signals and link signals are the main part of the ranking algorithm. So, all we have been hearing since then is to create quality content, earn inbound links and match the content with the intent of the search. One question remains, How?

We have gone through a research and observed the factors that really affect the rankings of any website and on which Google judges a content. Let us get started.

  1. Keywords:
    Keywords and their synonyms, relevancy for text, intent matching
    Those people who think that keywords are dead, cannot be more wrong. When you use the keywords in a right way, you can actually make a fortune out of it. Firstly you need to find out the keywords that are related to your niche and people may use for finding your business. Then create a content around that, keeping in mind that the keyword should just not be an accessory, it should be an organ of the content. It is wise to use synonyms of the keywords because Google acknowledges the synonyms and shows your results for the keyword whose synonym you have in your content. Not to mention, what people are saying to you is correct; audiences are the king and you should write a content which they want and from which they can be benefitted.

  2. Quality:
    Idea, Readability, Visual appeal
    These are the three factors on which the quality of content depends on. Since the internet is filled with many contents, it is very difficult to find an idea that is unique, but you can always present it in a unique way. While writing a content, people often search the internet and when they find the similar idea, they drop their article. We suggest that even if you are writing something that is already out there, you should not hesitate in showing your own creativity.
    Write the article under headings and subheadings to make it more readable. Use graphics to reduce the read time and increase the engagement.

  3. Structure:
    Landing page, Internal indexing, meta tags
    SEO is not all about the content and keywords, it is also where you are putting them. The landing page where the browser is directed to should be appropriate and actually has the content written in meta tags and fast loading. When the loading time is more than 3 seconds, people leave the website and skip to the next in Google results. Even if your content is good, people would not reach to it and Google would not help you with rankings.
    The internal indexing of your website should also be easy to navigate for visitors and easy to track for Google bots. A facilitated navigation ensures that the visitor spends more and more time on your website.

SEO services Companies brainstorm a lot to find out the correct content mix, but they never find one, simply because no such thing exists. Different businesses, different strategies. If you want to rank better, proofread your content, market it at the correct platform and keep it close to the reality such that people can relate to it.

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