All you need to know is the ways to improve your personal brand over search engine!


All you need to know is the ways to improve your personal brand over search engine!

The greatest thing about living in this digital era is we can get all the information within seconds, right at our fingertips.if you want to know about the whether, or go out for a movie or dinner, you can easily Google and get everything within few seconds, at just a single click.

A research was made by the seo company manchester,  and according to that report, around 56 percent of people type their name on search engine to check what are the information is available online about them. And around 77 percent executives use Google to learn about the candidates.

Ensure that  you are in control of your self-image over Google. You can take effective measures to stand out different with your competitors and improve your personal brand of your search results.

Don’t wait for any negative comment to be published about your personal brand. If you want to improve your personal brand, here are few significant steps you can carry out to enhance your online image:

1. Conduct research

seo company milton keynes recommends that make self-Googling your regular practice. Iit is actually important to research what populates in the top 30 results for your name.

If you have any common name, you can use longer-tail keywords to mention your company name so you can see details specific to you.

Tweet make at a long night out can appear on the first page of Google. In fact your social media posts could haunt you. Make sure to delete posts which could create an negative impact. 

2. Create your own website.

Making your own website is the best ways to show your professional as well as personal achievements. Choosing a domain name including your name is a good way to make sure that it shows on the first page of Google. 

seo company manchester believes that, while buying your domain name, try to get a website URL which is close to your name. 

Frequently update all the Information available on your website to show your new projects, or promotions.

3. Make a video.

62 percent of Google searches includes video. If a picture shows thousand words, than a video shows million words.

If you make a video about your interests, business skill set or other background information, not only it will be shown on the first page of Google, but it will also show off your personality.

Make sure to invest quality production setup. 

4. Optimize your social media channels.

Your personal social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have a strong appearing chances on Google’s search results. Because every holds lots of powerful features, tieing your personal information carries weight to Google.

5. Obtain reviews.

Don’t feel shame to ask someone to leave a review or feedback on your LinkedIn page or ask them for testimonial which can be posted onto your personal as well as official website.

Recent research by seo company manchester discovered that around 94 percent of sales professionals rated customer testimonials as very effective and extremely effective.

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