7 Recent Changes Impacting SEO In 2017


7 Recent Changes Impacting SEO In 2017

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. It is a battle between website design and search engine companies. The websites constantly keep a look at first page rankings, whereas search engines keep a track of what they promote and they want it to be refined with the passing days, months or years so as to improve results for the searchers. Here we are having a list of recent changes that are impacting SEO and how are they should be handled. This list is prepared by the experts providing best SEO services London, let’s have a look at this list: 

  • Mobile designs

Mobiles or smartphones have become the first screen as more than 95% of the audience today use, mobile devices as a source to search for the information. It means that mobile devices have become the primary index in the last few years. More and more people actively look for the required information on their mobile devices. The mobile devices are of great priority when it comes to developing and executing SEO strategies. 

  • Topical relevance changes

Changes are part of life and when it comes to a business established online, changes occurs so frequently like every now and then. Search engines push businesses to create content that fulfils the requirements of their target users. The content should be of high-quality, also it has evolved the approach of keyword research and topic development. Earlier there was one-keyword, one-page SEO etc. But, now the search engines have become more advanced, they analyse and interpret each unique query. It means that topical relevancy is the key to a modern search engine optimization strategy. 

  • Original content

Originality is the powerful medium of attracting a large number of visitors. The businesses are required to shift their focus towards creating meaningful and original content. Ask your employees to create their personal brands because it will help business engage with the different segments of the audience base using white papers, blog posts and many other such things. 

  • Site caching

The main aim of a search engine is to provide target audience with a great user-experience with the help of relevant and useful content. Caching improves the loading time of a website which helps a website to drive better rankings and lower bounce rates in its account. 

  • Natural language

In the coming years, conversational content will be one of the biggest changes as far as internet marketing is concerned. The content will be made available to the target audience in their natural language i.e. in their local dialect. This is all because of the increase in mobile searches and voice searches. This change has also changed the way the content is developed, paid ads are set up and the brands are defined. 

  • Post-click rankings

Google's Rankbrain is the third most important signal for the result of an organic search. The change is that the post-click rankings or engagement metrics are more important than ever. Now, for the digital brands, it has become difficult to go beyond the pre-click optimization tasks. All this ensures great user-experience that is capable of driving greater page views and user-interaction.

  • Image optimization

It was, it is and it will continue to be the important factor that impacts the search engine optimization of any brand. The image search is becoming more popular and competitive nowadays and will continue in future as far as content search is concerned. Since people today are, mobile addict they’ll look for the information on their smartphones and they will click on the image link to proceed a search rather the content link. Thus, make sure your images are well-optimized. 

In the end!

The recent changes that are discussed in the above article are going to be much beneficial for every online business. Thus, you are advised to go through each of the point discussed above to ensure that you get great rankings in the search engines and also your website is well optimized as far as search engine optimization is concerned. To know more about the changes that can affect search engine optimization of your brand in the rest of 2017 or in the future years, you can contact the professional team of SEO service London.

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