6 SEO Reporting items to look after every month


6 SEO Reporting items to look after every month

An SEO campaign is only worthwhile if you are analyzing its success on regular basis. Reviewing monthly reports allows you to know where you are making progress and what areas you need improvement or additional work in. You can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console for analyzing your SEO campaign. Google Search Console provides keyword data and technical SEO information while the Google Analytics provides traffic source information. Every website is different and the larger and more complex sites might require multiple tools for additional reporting. Here are the most common reporting items presented by Boston SEO experts that every website owner of every size should pay attention to, each month.

Organic Traffic

While overall traffic should be looking at each month, its organic traffic that SEO should be focusing on. After all the goal of SEO team is to generate and increase organic traffic to the site. Not only you should look on a month over month data, but also on a year over year organic data which will take seasonality into account.  For example, B2C often see a drop in organic traffic from December to January, while traffic pattern for B2Bs is often opposite. So the point is to look at the larger trend over the course of the campaign.  You will not going to see an increase every month and that’s OK.

Conversions from organic traffic

If you want from your website to generate conversions, one of the first things you should do when you implement an SEO campaign is to discover what your conversion metric is and setup conversion tracking. Conversions should correlate with organic traffic. If you see organic traffic growth but no increase in conversions you will need to go deeper into why is that so. If you’re sure your keyword targeting is on track, it could be a website issue.


It's a good practice to keep track of the inbound links that appear in Google Search Console every month. This number is subject to fluctuate but it shouldn’t be drastic. Where your links are coming from? Pull this data every month and keep note of this, in case ranking slips in the future you need to figure out why.


A handful of errors in normal for a website and its unlikely to hurt your SEO efforts. However, if you find a lot of errors or a big increase in errors, pass this information onto your developers to investigate the issue and 301 redirects to any 404 pages that are occurring.  

Content Performance

Since content is very important to SEO, definitely you will want to look at every piece to know which content is getting the highest or lowest amount of traffic. See where the traffic is coming from. If the traffic is coming from social media then which are the sites delivering the most of the traffic? As you will further develop your SEO content strategy you can use this data to determine what kind of topics will get the more attention .


Seo is not strictly about keyword performance, the focus should be an overall organic growth over time, but it is still something to look at every month and keep records of. No matter what keyword rankings are going to fluctuate, but this fluctuation should not be severe. If you notice a huge drop in ranking it's a signal that there is a problem with the website or SEO strategy. To fix website issues read article 5 website fixes to improve your SEO.

So, there are certain SEO items that you need to keep your eyes over every month. Off course, if you are having SEO issues you want to check more often, otherwise monthly reporting is enough. Things are meant to be  and going to fluctuate and looking every day will only make you go crazy.  Working with the best Seo Company In Boston will help you get most out of your SEO efforts.

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