6 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Brand’s Pinterest Presence


6 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Brand’s Pinterest Presence

Pinterest is a successfully growing visual social media platform that has evolved beyond just scrapbooking and recipe-sharing origins in the last few years. Pinterest today is the most preferred social media channel after Instagram when it comes to market a brand among millions of users. At present, Pinterest is followed and accessed by approximately 150 million people including brands with above 2 billion searches every month. It allows brands or organisations like SEO agency Birmingham to make effective use of the advanced features like ‘rich-pins’ and cross-platform sharing in other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook etc. After these advancements have taken place, Pinterest has transformed into an effective marketing tool and is a powerful means of reaching customers.

Pinterest has taken a vital place in the digital marketing or social media marketing sector and it helps companies under this sector to follow this platform strategically so as to succeed in their online business. Thus, it has become necessary for Birmingham SEO agency to follow Pinterest effectively as it helps in rapid growth of the online business. Here are listed some easy and quick ways to optimize the Pinterest presence of your business brand:

  • Create and verify your business profile

It is the initial and easiest step that a brand has to follow. Create your business account and give it an appealing look so that a large number of people can be targeted at the first glance. After creating the business profile, you are required to verify it. Verifying your website is a quick procedure that you can process easily from your account settings. This will add a ‘check’ sign to your profile. This check sign or icon states that your business account and the website is officially confirmed by Pinterest.

  • Add Pinterest buttons to your website

Now, you have to add ‘Pin It’ button to each product’s image or catalogue of your brand. Also, display this button to the landing pages that are specifically designed to image sharing. Also, make sure that you add Pinterest ‘follow’ button to these pages so that your site visitor can quickly track your website’s Pinterest boards.

  • Take advantages of promoted pins

Promoted pins are advantageous for the brands. These pins allow a brand to display content to attract users for a certain sum of money. These are the pins that allow users to directly take any action like downloading an app or anything else without leaving the platform. Doing so allows users to leave the platform by paying a higher return to the business website.

  • Use Pinterest video

Strong results in the business are seen after the launch of the Pinterest video. The video options on the social media platforms have drastically changed the performance of business enterprises in the digital market. The businesses have generated 4 times more sales after video advertising has become possible.

  • Create and optimize Pinterest boards

Create business boards that can display the separate category of pictures of products of a brand. These boards are helpful for the purpose of content distribution as a destination for your content. These boards are specifically focused on specific topics so as to generate more specific results and more targeted engagement with your followers.

  • Optimize your images and videos

Make sure that whatever pictures you upload on your Pinterest account should be optimized effectively for platforms along with mobile devices so that the user can access your brand’s images and the videos smoothly without waiting for it to load or buffer.

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