5 Ways Emotional Marketing Campaigns Works Well For Your B2B Clients


5 Ways Emotional Marketing Campaigns Works Well For Your B2B Clients

Sadness, happiness, anger, jealous etc, are all different shades of emotions that we human face. Emotions has a very dominant role in all the purchase decision we make. There are lot of purchase decision that are most obvious emotional nature such as purchasing home or choosing wedding venue. 

There is a common misconception that decision which are made are less personal are not influenced by emotions. This is especially common misconception in business to business marketing as well.

It is true that B2B marketers deals other business but that businesses are made up of human beings only who are directed by their emotion. One or more of these people are responsible for making purchase decision to buy the product or service over the competitors.

There can be anything in facts and statistics but San Diego SEO agency experts highlight that emotion stills acts as a dominant factor for taking any decision.

Emotional marketing in B2B 

It is the emotional association that make people stick to a particular brand or product despite having better products or services in the market. Let us discuss some of the tactics you can use add some emotion to the marketing message.

1. Using storytelling in the your marketing message

Storytelling is one of the best content strategy that can bring an emotional connection with the audience. Stories can easily create visual picture for readers. A good story always attract audience and create interesting, readable and memorable content.

While storytelling is so much useful,people think about the storytelling restricted to B2C. storytelling works great for every brand, you will just need to know and understand the persona. Consider painting picture for your readers that shows how the brand can provide the solution.

2. Keep in mind the colour therapy

The psychology of colour applies everywhere, in the marketing as well. Colour is also a factor when looking to set an emotional tone for the content.

The impact of colour on emotion is largely based on experience and cultural influences. For example, sun is the universal symbol for yellow colour. This colour is associated with warmth and cheerfulness. Similarly, the colour green has an attachment to calming effect.

There are several theories that go in depth on influence of each colour but these are a little more up for interpretation.

The main thing to remember here is that colour has a direct impact and should definitely consider when conveying certain emotion with your messaging.

3. Hold back the price

Some of the most popular pages on a saas websites for example, is pricing. B2b customers are looking for comparing products by the fact of price, features and the capabilities. According to SEO Fremont professionals, if you make price in top of navigation, the audience will go straightaway to it and forgo the marketing content. This way you force your website within a competition on those facts without making the audience understand the message you want to convey to your client. If you think that you cannot lead on price then it is better to hold information back later and sell with emotion first.

4. Use social proof throughout your website

Social proof is completely based on emotion. People can never trust random brands selling products online. People trust those whom they know or recommended by friends and family.

Testimonials and social proof can create a huge impact on the buyers decision. People can also trust the information of strangers rather relying on company own message. Social proofs can act as a powerful emotional message to potential buyers in the forms of reviews, testimonials, case studies and social media shares.Distribute these social proofs throughout the website to get better conversion.

5. Giving focus on benefits rather than highlighting features

This is the fact that b2b customer seeks feature for comparison. In case of multiple options, they will definitely make comparison what they can get from each vendor. However, you can still create a point  by using emotions to stand out from the competition by highlighting the hard fact and the outcome of those features. It is important to highlight the benefit from your product or service. This is a kind of micro form of storytelling. This could showcase how business relieves the buyers pain and help their life much better.


Don’t ever think that work and human emotion works differently. They are part of each other and complete each other as well. Always consider your b2b customers to be human and every individual person is highly influenced by emotion while making any decision. Keeping emotion in mind can help in heading ahead of competitors by using various facets of emotion in content marketing.

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