5 Reasons why April Fool’s Day isn’t funny for us


5 Reasons why April Fool’s Day isn’t funny for us

Many websites and newspapers publish fake news at the ‘auspicious’ occasion of 1st April i.e. April fool’s day. We never really got the concept, anyhow, having fun for one day without thinking of the sentiments of people; is liberating. We can freely say someone; one thing that we always wanted to say and then adding ‘April Fool’ would set everything thing in its natural course. It is good to joke within the parameter of your house or your office, but going beyond that is no more funny. We love celebrating every occasion, we do not consider 1st April to be any different, but then too, publishing a thing that is not the truth, is something we consider unethical. Top SEO Agencies do not like to start this first day of April with a sham. Let us tell you 5 reasons why we remain upright on this day too.

  1. The Internet is for forever: It is convenient to think that having fun for one day is good, people would read a news, discuss it and then the next day when we say all that was a hoax, all would become right. Maybe, but nothing ever gets erased from the internet. When after a year or so, people read our ‘that’ news, they would doubt our credibility. It could prove to be a jolt to our reputation.

  2. SEO is a serious business: Google is very serious about the whole ‘relevancy’ thing. Even a day spent in doing nothing creative can harm our image and optimization efforts. When our whole career we have done only and only one thing i.e. providing our audience what they search for, then for one day we cannot risk that connection.

  3. Competitors are pretty darn serious: What do people like more than their publicity? Criticism of their competitors. If we publish a fake news from our side, our competitors would take the advantage of it and try to ruin our reputation. It should not come as a surprise if you find ‘anti-articles’, the articles that reveal that we have put a misguided news at our portal and we are not to be trusted. We do not offer our competitors such an opportunity.

  4. Our Audiences are valuable to us: We believe in creating a strong bond with our audiences. We value their time and their sentiments. We would never do anything to strain that bond. In this busy life, if people are finding some time to read us, we cannot even think of feeding them some worthless news.

  5. Social Media catches up fast: We cannot ignore the effect of social media in today’s times. Any publication gets viral overnight. We do not want that an article which was supposed to be funny, backfire on us.

A promise from our side, today our every news, every publication would be true to the core. There would not be any trick or any mock-up. You can trust our articles published today like you do any other day. We are associated with the Top SEO agencies  because of a reason that reason being we know how to safeguard our credibility.

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