5 Most Uncommon Places To Look For Your Content Generation Idea


5 Most Uncommon Places To Look For Your Content Generation Idea

When you begin with creating content calendar for your marketing plan, it can be easy to remove the first idea for topic you can think of. There can be times when the idea that comes to your mind for the first time is the most relevant and helpful to your targeted customers.However there may not be the type of content topics which can increase your sale or bring engagement within your brand.

The best kind of content strategy plans to promote post which can be shared, help readers solve their problems or give them explanation about why people should trust a brand. If you are bothered for creating a new content plan for coming months, then consider visiting these five uncommon places to get your content idea.

Let us begin:

1. Competitors

We all keep our eye on competitors for getting insight, strategy and ideas. Whenever marketers create an initiative for their company, they perform certain competitive analysis to be sure they are not missing out anything.

Seo experts from SEO services in Jaipur suggest that on the part of the content strategist and copywriters studying the competitors approach is really helpful when creating content plan. It is not always about the number of pageviews or how many times a piece of content can get shared on social media. Sometimes the best content comes from getting inspiration from a subjective basis.

The best type of content are the one which make the potential customers or readers well informed and lead them to more sale or form a new relationship. Look at your competitors and understand how they address the potential customers. Analyse what they are targeting which you may not. Analyse what competitors content speaks about and you can make it an intimate content that has a unique voice.

2. Customers

Getting surveys and contact forms is the best way to find the content ideas. Make sure that customer service department give a very careful look at the feedback given by the customers and sharing it with marketing team.

If you find a pattern in asking questions, make sure to add this content topic in your content ideas. You can get this kind of topics from your FAQ pages and possibly expand them in blog post and how to videos. Content created based on these question are going to bring high engagement and feedbacks in future.

On the path of providing relevant answer to customer question, customer services reply can simple send the link to the relevant content in their replies. This kind of content can keep the potential customers engaged and hopefully place then back in sales funnel.

3. Internal teams

Commonly marketers looks for content idea from outside. However, professionals from SEO company in Noida suggest that reaching out within the team of your company can help you get the idea about what content can be created.

Have a discussion within your company such as salespeople, customer service department and anyone who deals with customers directly.

Ask about

  • What kind of feedbacks they hear consistently

  • What kind of trend they see

  • What can be the best feature and benefit of your company from the perspective of the customers.

Talking within your company team can make you understand very new aspects about your customers which is otherwise difficult to understand.

4. Industry sources

This kind of industry sources are understood beyond doing competitive analysis and straight to organization that can help in creating thought leadership that can give your business a new direction.

For example, if a school over classes on karate, it should know the basic rules and regulations associated with it and how the impact can be tested to provide certification to students. For showing up at the top of latest change in relevant industry, you can bring great credibility for the quality of the service.

5. Social media

Social media is a great platform that can be used for doing research and content planning. Have a look at what people are discussing about your product and competitors in all major social media channels. Analyse what kind of content post are getting the most amount of shares and which one is getting the most amount of content. It is sometime, the reaction got on social post can be insightful for analysing your popularity within the platforms.

Use appropriate hashtags and tag your content accordingly to optimize it for searches so that they can be easily found.

Some more..

Content can be consumed in several ways. It is good to break the format for traditional post for content creation. Consider adding additional tools such as infographics, youtube channel with “how to” or testimonial videos etc. 

This can be a great asset or supplement to add credibility to your brand. Taking a look at all channels you can use social media you can help in determining which ones are most used by your audience.

When creating content calendar don’t forget to make notes of the way you can promote the content. You can go ahead and think of examples such as Facebook post or tweets that would link back to your site. This can help in understanding what kind of content should be focused as well as the best way to engage audience.


These content strategies mentioned above can help your brand find new height. No matter how much inspiration you get or the industry you represent, the highest point of priority should be building new customer relationship while maintaining the existing ones.

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