5 Efficient ways of boosting Workplace productivity


 5 Efficient ways of boosting Workplace productivity

The need to ensure and enhance productivity is so much essential for every business that they just can’t ignore it. If you run a business you no longer measure the productivity with numbers.

It’s important to understand individual’s needs to promote productivity. You have to tailor your approach through which it is easier to keep everyone happy as they reach for or attain their goals.

Businesses have mostly stuck to key performance indicators to measure efficiency and output. Thus focusing on behavioural economics and psychology is bit difficult. Keeping your workers happy is essential for maximizing your profits, minimizing your costs, and keeping your business operating smoothly. Try these 5 insights from psychology known to enhance the productivity at workplace. 

  • Get rid of motivation killers

You need to identify the motivation killers, a good manager will find the effective ways to observe the workplace environment and find the problem areas that are affecting individual’s motivation. Typical motivation killers include abrasive personalities, lack of organizational vision, toxic people, absence of opportunities for professional development, poor communication systems, dictatorial management styles, and the feeling of lack of appreciation. So, supervisors and managers have to find some effective ways to kill these motivation killers.

  • Focus on accomplishments instead of tasks

Accomplishment matters more to your employees than simply completing daily tasks or assignments. A survey showed that recognition for the contributors to company is the most fulfilling reward than any other kind of gift. Meaningful recognition has no monetary value.

A study revealed that employees who received recognition and praise regularly enhanced individual productivity and engagement among their fellow coworkers. Moreover, they were less likely to leave their job, and had higher customer satisfaction scores.

  • Make work meaningful

Motivation in employees is no longer drives by monetary compensation.the sense of achievement and a desire to make a difference overtook all materialistic needs. This means you have to foster the sense of mission among your employees to keep them motivated and engaged. A research determined that meaningful work is a great driver of engagement  and productivity, especially considering diversity in the work environment. When employees feel empowered for their job, engagement  level significantly increases. 

So, businesses should think beyond perks and focus on driving meaning, passion and purpose among the employees for their jobs. 

  • Be flexible

Remote working arrangements, telecommuting and even the co-working are emerging as an effective means of productivity improvement, while at the same time reducing the cost of running office infrastructure. With the widespread presence of cloud-based services, employees can reach to information or tools from anywhere with the solid internet connection- even on their cell phones, thus expanding the workforce beyond physical location. Take efficient seo services in ludhiana to enhance your online presence and grow visibility of your business in the vast world of internet.

  • Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

An effective system of communication is crucial for any business failure to this cause difficulty in achieving goals and functioning properly. Here communication means that hierarchy and expertise should be clear to the employees. They should know who to reach out to regarding their concerns.

In terms of tools take advantage of moderns tools and application available to help contribute to the culture of sharing and helping across the enterprise.

Better productivity translates to more than having high profits, but also enhanced brand equity, goodwill improvement and positive work environment. The key things to remember is to understand the need of motivation, better engagement of employees effective use of technologies and systems to greatly help employees to work efficiently.

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