5 Advantages of Having a Bot Service


5 Advantages of Having a Bot Service

With internet ruling our world, there many uncertainties in life. One certainty though is that by 2020 an average person would be able to have more conversations with a bot rather than a significant other. It has been noticed that one of the little things that people do more than social networking is messaging. This is why the above prediction is something that people would not find contradictory. This obviously does not mean that you head for the hills panicking that bots are going to take over the world because let's be honest, like a reputed seo company in Ludhiana said they are already here in almost every step you take. It has been reported that around sixty seven percent of consumers from all around the world uses a chatbot for customer support. An incredibly high number portion of millenials (about 60%) have used chatbots and an overwhelming majority has reported back with a positive feedback. 

This means that everyone has to jump on board with an interactive chatbot so that as a business you can keep up with the rapidly changing generations. 

  • Some of the advantages a bot comes up with is that it is a revolutionary way of reaching out to the customers. It is for the first time in history that brands have been able to reach out to consumers on a personal level. The emphasis here lies on the fact that it is of any size. This means that you could be a company of one and you still wouldn’t have a problem of dealing with a huge influx of customers because you would be able to give them a highly personal experience without spending as much time on it. This way, bots could be seen as a way of democratising business.
  • The one to one communication with a variety of people gives you a way of gaining a personal insight and provide specificity along with a whole feast of snackable data that is actionable. 
  • Interaction that is not robotic is something that can allow more and more conversions considering the fact that it has the ability to keep up with the customer’s messages in a natural, contextual, and a human manner.
  • There is research that shows that the average time that is saved per chatbot inquiry in comparison with traditional call centres is over four minutes. This has a potential to make an extraordinary impact on the bottom line of the company. 
  • It doesn't matter where you live or what time zone you follow- a chatbot is always on and ready to serve customers because bots don’t need to sleep or take breaks unlike humans. 

Many seo services in Mumbai have already started taking up the option of chatbots in order to make full use of the technology and convert as many conversations as possible into tangible businesses.

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