4 quick guest post hacks which can build strong link building profile


4 quick guest post hacks which can build strong link building profile

Guest post is part of the link building strategy which is much easier and reliable form of acquiring valuable links. Guest post is much safer and acceptable for search engines for acquiring links. Several research and surveys indicate that guest post is used by most of the bloggers and SEO experts around the world but is it still prevalent and worthy for today?

This kind of question appear in the mind of the many professionals or marketers looking forward to make their presence especially, new one. The answer to all these confusions and question is a big YES.

According to Professionals from SEO services in Kansas guest post is very much in practice to build a good link profile from some good authoritative sites. These authoritative website pass their link juice which is very beneficial for website earning it. While guest post in real terms is the most viable option to take, there are certain rule that should be followed.

What are those rules? Let us discuss:

The most advantageous thing about guest blogging is the fact it makes us earn some great links from some of the best websites of the niche industry. To earn such high value authoritative links from these high tier websites are otherwise not possible other than guest post. Guest post is such a viable option that it is worth for link building strategy.

The actual result of guest post can only come, when it is done on an authoritative site. Selecting the site for guest post is also an essential task.

Las Vegas SEO professionals believe that getting links from authoritative domain in the form of guest post, make you a credible source in the eyes of Google. This means that your website will also be considered as a credible source.

  1. Make sure not to over do

One of the most frequent problem seen in guest post is people tend to overdo it. Your articles should definitely come from different sources with different anchors. If you only use guest post for earning inbound links, chances are you can face penalty from Google.  Google wants your link profile to be diversified.

If you decide to do some guest blogging, make sure to do it more worthy. Doing the guest post non seriously will lead to wastage of efforts made in creating a content and earning a google penalty for it.

2. Give importance to quality

If you think writing any kind of content and getting a link is not the real game. The task is to generate content that is valuable. Google access the content which is bringing links. If the content is valuable, google regard the link gained to be qualitative.

If you are gearing up for creating a guest post, make sure that it is unique, qualitative. Most of the time after creating their own article, people promote for writing guest post. These contents are usually of low quality than expected from Google and the content would seem a repetition of what they posted on the blog.

Practicing such activity devalues the links you earn and also endanger the original content that you published on your blog. Google will consider your article to duplicate content and may give penalty in terms of low ranking. The soul principal of generating content is to provide value to the targeted customers which is obviously possible when a well researched, unique content is generated.

3. Add image, link to your guest post

Each guest post that you make sure always be different from each other. If your are generating content on a larger scale, make sure to develop distinctive separate identity. The easiest way available for creating a difference is formatting.

Blog articles have distinctive format of font but you can use headings, sub headings, titles, bullet points and more, to make the content much more distinctive. These kinds of formatting makes it easier for users to understand the content as well as help the google crawler to access the nature of the content.

Another effective way of creating a distinction in content is by using image and other media. If images make sense to your content, don’t hesitate to use image in your content. You can also go ahead and write title and ALT text for optimization of the image according to the best practices of SEO.

4. Make your anchor text vary significantly

In an attempt to rank high for a certain keyword, you try and spam the same anchor text again and again. This strategy is simply out of fashion, make sure to diversify your anchor text for better results.

Putting link purely on editorial value without trying to rank for any keyword will rarely get link for exact phrase. This kind of behaviour is highly unnatural and could bring lods of trouble.

Rather going for spam option, use different phrase. Use link in different sentences with different anchor text. Make sure to create content naturally and place link accordingly.


Guest post are very much alive and going. A perfect guest post can never land you into any trouble. Always make sure that your link profile is natural and it should never indicate that you are purposely pushing the keywords. Guest post is not only good for getting links but also give exposure to the content.

These tips stated above will give you a better position in guest posting and make you earn qualitative links easily.

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