3 Ways By Which Your Content Can Gain User’s Trust Easily



3 Ways By Which Your Content Can Gain User’s Trust Easily

These days the rise of online publications has taken a different turn. The number of bloggers, business owners and publications are increasing day by day. Hence, as a result more and more content is created everyday. This increase in content availability has also increased the competition between the best SEO providers, everyone in the market now wants to create such a quality content which can out stand the others. But there is a catch, if everyone is creating unique content how to beat them? How to win user’s trust? How to build an audience for yourself? These are the same questions which arise every time we talk about creating content. So, how can it be done?

Here is the deal in 3 easy steps:

The answers to the above questions are straight enough, we need to take care of certain things in order to achieve the user’s trust. Let’s have a look at three most obvious ways for your path to success in creating the best content-

1. Be UNIQUE- The most obvious and most important point to note for creating classic content is uniqueness. One can cover the same thing again if they have a unique point of view every time. This uniqueness plays a very important role in leaving an impact on the user every time they read your content. In order to make it more clear, we can use the example of “The Hustle”, who have succeeded in gaining over 1 million visitor in a year. The Hustle basically covers stories on entrepreneurship and startups, but they have a very unique style of expressing their views to the user. Henceforth, they have gained the trust of over a million people. So, the bottom line is if you are presenting even a common story in a unique and innovative style, you are on the right track to gain more and more audiences.   


    2.  Be MEMORABLE-  Facts and figures can make our content more memorable for the users. Yes, it’s all about data, including quotes from authorities on a topic, industry, stats and case studies will add more value to our data. Original research or results from original surveys are another form of important data that can be included in our content. When we include  data or any kind of fact in our content, people tend to see us as a source of knowledge(even if the data is not our own). However, collecting these facts and figures might occur an a tiresome task to many of us, but a few Google searches can land us many important facts on different topics. Moreover, if the user begins to think that your blog or site is a source of information, it is certain that he will return back to use your site again and might refer it in his/her local circle again. This is the way how you can build up instant trust with the users.

3.  Be ENTERTAINING - The best and the easiest way to grab the attention of the user is to entertain them with your content. Apart, from providing only information to your users you must also be able to entertain them. The use of images, GIF’s, videos play a very important role to catch user’s heart and soul. We should also make sure that if the content is lengthy it should have a funny flavour in it. The best examples Buzzfeed,  Elite Daily and Upworthy, their content is entertaining and sticky, as a result people get lost for hours on their websites. It is important to know that if the content is entertaining, then the site becomes a source of entertainment too for the users. So, be innovative and keep entertaining.

These are some basic fundamentals used by best SEO firms to create the best content for their clients and take the hold of the growing online marketing field.

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