2013’s most threatening celebrity search was for Lily Collin


2013’s most threatening celebrity search was for Lily Collin

When the time move over Emma Watson, Lily Collins took over the title of 2013’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online.

A well known security technology company McAfee came up with its seventh annual most dangerous celebrities survey, which uses the company’s SiteAdvisor site ratings to measure what percentage of search results for popular celebrities lead to risky websites.

In the year 2013, searches for photos related to Lily Collins and downloads had a 14.5 percent of chance leading to a website tested positive for things like viruses, adware, spyware, phishing attempts and other malware. Here are some McAfee specifics about the searches for the young celebrity

“Fans searching searching for ‘Lily Collins and free downloads’, ‘Lily Collins and free app downloads’, ‘Lily Collins and fake’, ‘Lily Collins and nude pictures’ are at risk of running into some online threats which are designed to spy over their personal information as email address, passwords. Clicking on these websites and downloading pictures or videos from these sites making  them vulnerable to larger risks of downloading viruses or other malwares.”

Among the top 10 risky celebrity searches 9 were females. Mad Men star Jon Hamm is the only male in the top 10 and the ratio was same for top 20 or top 30. 

Musicians are tend to be a popular target for malware websites, McAfee says. Nine of the top 20 most dangerous searches are for musicians, and 17 of the top 50.

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