PPC is an internet advertising model in which advertiser pays each time their ads are clicked.It can be understood as buying visits for your website rather than earning the visits organically. This process may sound a lot more simple than actually, it is. It has a complex process involved in managing and biding ad spots in your search engine choice.

Factors like targeted demographics, age, gender, educational level etc should be considered while creating a paid search campaign. Along with that, it is important for the marketers to manage the budget and analyze if any opportunity is not forgone.

But to maintain everything is not always possible for humans and hence automation process is needed. There are many SEO automation platforms that are available for PPC management for small businesses.

10seos.com brings you a list of 20 useful platforms that can help to manage the PPC campaign better.

  • Acquisio: Acquisio is world’s leading platform for Performance Media. This allows to manage and optimize ads campaign across multiple media channels. Try this  SEO campaign management software to save your precious time and get better results.

  • Adcore:  Adore provides the centralized location for all the search engine planning needs. It enables to set up automation and manage the campaigns to attain desired goals.

  • Adwords Express: if you want to increase the lead in landing page then this platform is ideal. It can set up the campaign in 15 minutes. 

  • AgileBid: It measures the effectiveness of the campaign. This cost effective platform gives you a deeper insight into the keywords and the ads you are aiming for.

  • clickSWEEPER: This platform provides sophisticated software and easy PPC management system. Smarter budding strategies, extended ads network, and more features are offered.

  • Datapop: This platform helps to make the ads more relevant to the goal of the company. Datapop offers good quality product guarantees that ads perform better and get more related to targeted audiences.

  • Finch: Finch uses optimization technologies to improve PPC management. Flinch provides the platform for e-commerce companies to automate their targeted campaign.

  • Flimbu: Climb is a hub for combining bid optimization, quality scores and search terms. It allows the businesses to be more productive while increasing their conversion rates and search for the growth.

  • Ignition One: You can get a clear answer for all your budgeting issues. This also enables to optimize paid presence in mobile devices and other channels instantly.

  • Kenshoo: This platform provides most advanced technology in ads solution technology. Kenshoo helps your brand to generate demands from all across the channels of media with innovative technologies.

  • Marin Software:  if you aim to maximize your ROI then have definitely go through this robust platform. Bigger or smaller company, everybody has a chance to get benefited from this software.

  • Optimine:  this is the first Saas platform that focuses exclusively on business value for the ads spendings. They also allow getting better knowledge from each campaign run.

  • PPC Advisor from Wordstream: If you are looking for a faster mean to save your money on pay per click budget then this one is the best platform. This smart software will take your management and knowledge a step further.

  • PPC BidMax: PPC BidMax is the ultimate tool for working across different search engines. You should test across various channels so that you can make the better investment decision.

  • Searchforce:  Searchforce is a perfect automation platform that provides you with the ability to quickly learn from your present ads strategies and formulate new ones as well. 

  • SiteWit: If you don’t have time to learn the nuances of PPC campaign then do not worry. Use this software to monitor and manage your PPC campaigns and you can focus on expanding your business.

  • Synapse: using your social intelligence will give you the better decision in your marketing. This platform segments the most valuable customers and distils the data into valuable and actionable conclusion.

  • Top Placement Ads: This is one of the most famous marketing platforms available. They provide some top lead generating landing pages and guarantees original views from users.

  • Wordwatch:  if you are looking for an affordable bidding software then you are at a right place. The software is absolutely simple and easy to use but it does require a little knowledge about PPC.

  • Webtrends: This platform provides support to Facebook retargeting, ads spend optimization and many more robust features to make your PPC campaign more worthy and profitable.

We hope that this list can give you help. In case you have any suggestions, give it to us at the comment box below. 

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