10 Outstanding Women Working in Digital Marketing


10 Outstanding Women Working in Digital Marketing

Women’s Day in on its way reaching the date March 8th, thus this is the perfect time to recognize some amazing women personalities, who are doing an excellent job in digital marketing.

Being a marketer in the digital industry, it is important to draw inspiration from remarkable personalities. Whereas, all the names listed below never fall shorts in any zone to impress others with their incredible work. Today, in this article we would like to shine on 10 outstanding women working in the field of digital marketing. All these women work as innovators. According to top SEO agencies, all of the ladies are the true inspiration for everyone working in space.

There are tons of other names to be included in the list of outstanding women who are working in best SEO firms, as they are kicking butt in their own manner to be successful. Soon, we will represent the updated version of this list.

Take a look at the different brand marketers having years of experience with expertise in their niche. We are glad to honor this group of amazing women who have accomplished what they wanted and continue to inspire us.

1. Amanda Maksymiw

Currently, Amanda is working as a content marketing director with Fuze. Previously, she worked at Lattice Engines and OpenView Venture Partners, and now she is running immensely along with the flow of success.


2. Ally Greer

Started her career with Scoop.It, Ally has proved herself as a true innovator in the marketing field. Along with her successful career in content marketing, she is also one of the participants in the Bay Area’s competitive digital community.


3. Danielle Morrill

Co-founder and CEO of Mattermark, Danielle Morrill is doing an excellent job and sending intuitive e-newsletters. Previously, she used her skills while working with A Y Combinator alum.


4. Carla Johnson

One of the well-known personality of digital market, Carla is a regular author on B2B marketing. In present, she is working as an instructor at Rutgers. With her exceptional skills and talent, she continues to extend her experience in order to stay on the top.


5. Meghan Biro

Showing her competence in the complicated world of HR technology and social strategy, Meghan Biro currently serves Talent Culture as Founder & CEO. She has gained her experience while working with popular brands like Microsoft and Google. Also, she loves writing and posts interesting blogs frequently.


6. Kelly Wenzel

Kelly Wenzel has got some serious enterprise marketing aptitudes. Presently, working for Centro as CMO. Talking about her accomplishments, Kelly won Business Executive of the year award and AWNY Working Mothers of the Year in 2014.


7. Dafna Sarnoff

An MBA from Harvard and master in Mathematics, Dafna inspires us with her every move. Currently, she is serving as SVP of Marketing department for Yodle and in past she worked with the executive team in OPEN from American Express.


8. Wendy Marx

For over 20 years, Wendy has been working with B2B companies in their PR and communication zone, and currently serving Marx Communication as President. With her old school knowledge in digital marketing, she has been handling potential clients efficiently.


9. Erika Heald

What is meant for a content marketer? The one-word answer to this question could be Erika. VP and Head of Content at Highwire PR, this lady comprises a range of potential skills such as writer, editor, blogger, manager and owner of a website.


10. Claudia Page

Worked with well-known brands like Target, Absolut and McDonald’s, Claudia embraces a keen eye which follows the latest emerges of technology. Presently, she works as VP & Head of Creator Partnerships at CrowdTap.


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