You Need not be Sherlock to Investigate Your SEO Provider



You Need not be Sherlock to Investigate Your SEO Provider

If you are just starting the business online, you cannot do all the work of website designing, social media representation and search engine optimization on your own. You should hire one of the SEO Agencies out there. They are the professionals and they really know the correct way to increase the visibility of your website on the internet and establish the brand authority. If you are new in the world of ‘rankings’, you need to be extra careful and you should keep an eye on your SEO firm whether or not they are doing justice with your dream project. For such purposes, you do not need to become Sherlock, nor you need to get drowned in the SEO books, you just have to put your thinking cap on and look out for the red flags mentioned below.

  1. Check the content: You can check the content that your SEO firm is offering for plagiarism. It tells you which part of the content is original and which is copied from somewhere else. You should read the content and judge it for the quality.

  2. Weak Social media representation: Social media marketing is essential in the time of the well-connected world. If your SEO company is not putting the content on social media, you can know that you have hired a wrong fit for your business.

  3. Web/Blog: There is a fine line between the web content and blog content. If your SEO provider is only maintaining the blog, and not updating the web content, then he is most probably not capable of handling your business well.

  4. Temporary SEO: If you are hiring an SEO company which ensures you that within a month they will put your website at the top and then you do not need their services, then they are simply running a scam. SEO is a continuous work, you cannot sit back once your website attains the first position. It can neither be achieved in a day, nor it is permanent.

  5. Google Analytics: One sure way to judge the working of SEO company is the use of Analytic tool. You should ask them to provide you the access to Google Analytic account, using which you can track the traffic, social media redirects, mobile clicks, bounce rates etc. In short, it is the account book of SEO companies that keep the track of their every move.

  6. Monthly reports: You should check monthly reports that they provide carefully. These monthly reports should be extensive and should contain the answers to all your questions like keyword traffic, leads acquired, lowering bounce rates and brand engagement with audiences.

So, using your observation skills and reading reports thoroughly, you can find out if all is going well with your website or not. Many SEO services Company take their job seriously and consider their client’s project as their own, but if you have trapped yourself with the few frauds ones, you should quickly find a way out.

P.S. If your first experience with an SEO firm was bitter, you should never think that all companies are the same, do not lose hope and trust otherwise you can never achieve what you want; on your own.

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