A simple functional guide about writing efficient, effective and optimized SEO content 

While writing content for websites it’s important to consider the fact that, it will play a pivotal role in deciding their standings. For improving the rank of a website and consequently amending its reputation the content should be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

Writing SEO friendly content is completely a different ball game. Lots of considerations are taken into account, along with some precautions and specifications.

Here are some simple steps that you could follow to write good content

1. Attractive Titles and Headers

Try and create some catchy or magnetic titles which awake an upbeat urge among the readers and immerse them into your content.

Be specific with the titles and don’t be hazy while selecting words. Create as many titles as you can and narrow down to the best suit possible. 

2. Sub Header 

This would act as a pretext to the main content so try to slip a keyword into it.

The alluring sense of writing could really prove handy while writing subheaders as it entices the reader and yet not discloses everything.

Don’t overdo the generosity while writing sub headers, otherwise, the whole content would remain unread. 

3.Be Unique 

As mentioned earlier you need to be cautious with the unicity of your content, make sure that whatever you write doesn’t infringe copyrights of others’ work as there can be detrimental repercussions for the same.

Read few blogs and articles prior to writing so that you can avoid the unwanted resonance. Try to seek answers for the same questions that you are addressing through reader’s glasses because it will help you think vividly and quickly.

Try to come up with cooler & newer ideas by contemplating about the topic more and more. Take your time and be patient with your thoughts and don’t rush into things, let the ideas come gradually.

Figure out some alternative adjustments that you can make to the current work and re-examine its results after the tweaks. 


Wise selection of keywords is really important before writing, so think of perfectly relevant keywords that would stay in harmony with your content and also make it easier for the search engines to find.

Another essential thing to be kept in mind is avoiding redundancy of keywords as it would degrade the quality of your work. 


Exclusive usage of words will make the content mundane and soon the reader will start to lose interest in it so in order to avoid it feel free to incorporate few videos and images that fall under the relevancy zone of the topic. 

6.Be sequential

If you have written something about the same topic or any other closely related topic earlier then try and provide links to your previous work making sure that no aspect remains uncovered. 


Search engines are global and cater to a wide variety of people with different linguistic and scriptural backgrounds. since your content would be feeding them, so be correct, precise and standard with the language you are using. Avoid erroneous selection of words and grammar.

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