Write a Content which is Hard to Kill, Pretty much Like a Terminator


Write a Content which is Hard to Kill, Pretty much Like a Terminator

I'll Be Back! Yes, no matter how many times you kill these terminators, they come back. If not in this time, they time-jump to some other era but they are pretty much hard to kill. Well, you may hate these shape-shifting terminators but you secretly wish that your content is like them so that it may never die. It can transform but keep getting the audiences for a longer time, much longer time. It may seem like a tough task but if you do all according to this guideline provided by SEO Firms, it is not impossible. Let us tell you how you can create a content which remains relevant even after years.

#1. Write in a plain and explanatory language

You can write a content explaining each and everything like a pro but a good content is one which talks simplicity. Do not think that writing in plain language shows your incapability, it is a choice and a very good choice in fact. Write for the people who want to gather some information about the subject. As the time passes, people may lose interest in getting a deep knowledge but elementary knowledge would always be needed. Write almost like you are talking to a friend and explaining him something useful.

#2. Writing style should be appropriate

Firstly, you have to write in points. The articles with lists, tips, instructions, guides, FAQs become more popular because they are written in correct style. People can browse through them to get an essence of what is written. If you want your content to remain fresh even after it should stale, know how to draft the body of the content.

#3. Try to elaborate a single topic in depth

When you provide superficial knowledge, you are not doing something really different. People will come back to you only when you show the utility, only when you prove that there is no one better. Do not write to increase the word strength, you should write to teach your audiences all you know about the subject. When you think that you have written what you know, summarize and end the content.

#4. Be the king of one trade, not jack of all

Whenever you are writing a content, do not try to include every related topic in one post. If you think that you can write about one subject in detail, it is better. Do not pick generalized topics, instead, write for specific audiences like ‘How to get success in corporate sector’ would be less liked than ‘A small town kid can get success in corporate sector too’. The second topic is specific for small town people, there is a sense of belonging and demographic specific ideas too. Now, when you have created a post for small town person, create something for women too and for financially and physically challenged persons too. When you create specific posts, they become evergreen. 

#5. Link similar posts to increase interaction

Maintain a log of similar posts and when you are done publishing, link these post together to get maximum benefits. When you link similar posts, it forms a gateway for audiences to read one post after another. When they find a solution to their current problem, they can read about the next problem they can face and its solution too.

#6. Keep optimizing the old posts

Writing an evergreen content is not a matter of a day, you have to keep updating it according to the time relevance and advancement in the related industry. You can add case studies as you come across, in the support of the article.

These are some common tactics that best SEO services employ to keep their content relevant for a longer time. If you want to make your content immortal, start acting now.

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