Why Some Content Are More Popular Than Others


Why Some Content Are More Popular Than Others

‘Popularity’, the term has more wider reasons behind it than quality, advertising and accessibility. Being a content writer, we know that not all contents are created equally, neither marketed equally. But still beside these basic differences, some of your contents perform so well that they make you more popular by the day. The science behind is not very hard to understand and even easier to implement once understood completely.

The successful content target the emotional, needy side of your customers. People buy products or surf online, because they are in search of something. If you provide them what they are searching for, then your content goes ‘viral’. Let us go through each step of creating  a popular content.

  1. Know your audiences. You must have heard this repeatedly. This is not a new trick we are telling you. But knowing that your audience is male or female or single parents or sportsperson is not enough. You must know them from inside out. You must know their difficulties and how they keep going even after failures. Spend a day in their shoes. Note the high points and low points of their lives. Target those situations when these people are most vulnerable. And when you know it all, present your content as the ultimate solution to all their problems. Let us assume you sell pain relief sprays for sports person. When a person in your targeted audience is injured and he is using that spray, he reads the tagline on the product and get new enthusiasm and win the match. What was the tagline, that inspired him so much? It was like this-’Just a few minutes more for your country’. Isn’t it a great way to get loyal customers? Will the sports person ever forget the inspiration your spray gave him at the time of need? Probably not. So what we are implying is knowing the audience is not enough, understand them.

  1. Right place, right time. People may not reach your blog or website easily. But they can access your social media. So you promote your products on social media. As simple as that. Know the right time and place to put your content online, such that it can reach the maximum number of people. To extend the reach of your content-

  • Email your loyal customers who have showed interest in you content before too, about your new content. Mail those people too who have subscribed you but didn’t convert.

  • Include ‘call to action’ at the end of the content such that if people have further queries or suggestions, they can contact you. You can include ‘comments’ section too.

  • You can also invest in app notifications. Mobile apps are the future of mobile internet browsing.

  • Make sure that your all contents are easily accessible through your home page. Do not unnecessary redirect visitors through the whole website, just give them what they want.

Talking about the right time. Today’s generation spend a significant amount of time on the social media. But not all the time. There are some peak hours when businesses push their content online. Schedule your content to target those times when people are online and the competition is low. Thus the probability of your content to get seen will increase. If you are doing all the work on your own then use content schedulers available online otherwise hire top seo company in atlanta.

Now we have talked about the reasons of content popularity in a very superficial way from content point of view. Let us consider all the factors from creation to marketing and dig deeper. Let us think from the customer point of view. Why would we read a content and why would we share it? The first thing that would attract us to read a content is the title. If title is compelling enough then we will click on the content to read further. Next if the content is qualitative, it provides something may be knowledge, or humour then we will continue reading it. If it is just another article, then we leave in the middle. The third thing is if we like the content very much then we want our friends to read it too and that makes the content shareable. Developing shareable content is the need of the hour. When you post a content on your social media, some of your followers read it, some share it and some reshare it. Thus a content makes its way to a large number of audiences who are still not in your circle of influence. Next read the tips to develop a shareable content.

Write a Shareable Content

  • When people can relate with the content, may be with age or profession or geographical area, then they show more interest in it. They quickly develop a feeling of belonging and biases. And then they share the content as their own.

  • A content that compliments people by telling them that they are smarter than many people out there, like some riddles and questions, are very much shareable. People love to appear smart. So if a content says “Only 10 % of people have solved this question, Can you?”, then not only it is read and solved but shared too.

  • Contents with shocking facts that people have been doing till now, but not a correct or safe method to do it, are more shared. Dos and don’ts are very popular. In the fast life, people do not have time to gain much knowledge, as such if they can read something that is trimmed version, then they share it too.

  • Make a series. Isn’t it the trend? You divide your content into three or four parts and post it alternate days. Thus people will get interested in you and wait for the next content to go online. And when it does, it is shared. Create your own unique voice. Stand out and develop a signature content that no one does. But do not over do it. Long breaks or parts make the series monotonous and people lose interest in them.

  • If you have a fully dedicated team of content writers, then target the trending topics. People who like to be updated will definitely show interest and share it too. Google trends can help you with these topics.

  • Create the perfect environment. When we watch some video on you tube that is a tutorial or something, then the background music soothes us so so much. right? Employ the same technique. Do not include all text in the content. Add some music, video and gif images.

  • Tell a story. We have all grown up, but still can’t resist a good story. We love reading both an inspirational and funny story. So develop your content in the form of story. Spread it to maximum number of people. But do not make unnecessary additions to the truth. Do not make a story, where there is none.

With the changing preferences of people, it has become very difficult to predict what they would like and what they wouldn’t. But the above given tricks work for now. Can’t guarantee the future. Till then follow them and keep having some ‘viral’ contents down in your pockets. The fate of every content lies on the customer satisfaction. If you have not worked upon these already, go make a good long lasting relationship with your customers.

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