Why Reddit ?


Why Reddit ?

Reddit, you all are familiar with the name if you are not then get updated soon. In general Reddit is just a social networking site where the community members who are registered there can submit any issue related content. But why are we so much discussing about it and why we should be there? So the answer given by new york seo companies is that it is the site which has the most undeviating rise of visitors per month. According to the latest surveys it had around 208 million unique visitors last year. More surprising truth is that the Reddit site is the same since last 6 years but still it is attracting more and more visitors. But now they are planning to make some changes for better development.

Let us look at the benefits Reddit is giving to its customers :

Ads, yes the very first promotional tool, isn’t it? You can get very affordable ads here. Specially the self serve ads are very reasonable at around $20 or $30. However if you are thinking of managed ads then you might have to look into your pocket. As of now these ads are sold on the basis of first come first serve later they might be moved to an auction system.

How can you rise in the Reddit network ?

Here are some of the point which will surely help you to extract the most of it.

  • Focusing on ads : There are two options provided to target your ad, “interests” and the other is “subreddits”. Choosing “interests” as your target might limit you up to certain level because your add should relate to all the rules of every subreddit. But on the contrary if you have to be on the front page of Reddit then “interests” is the valid option.

  • What is expected : Know your audience and explore that what type of community you are dealing with and what will be relevant to post in your ads.

  • More And More users : Try to engage more and more users by interacting with them, asking their queries, answering timely and willingly, Gift unique deals or coupons.

  • Be there : You should also keep yourself present on the network, participate in comments, answer their queries, be polite, find out solutions. If you are not ready for a social communication then Reddit is not for you.

  • Innovations are needed : To let people know about you,  be innovative in your ideas and stand apart from the crowd then only you will be recognized. Use creative and catchy titles, organise contests, present awards or Reddit golds.

  • Some more tips : Always use thumbnails, be sure that you have a landing page to a Reddit user, use different ads for all subeditors.

One more interesting thing of Reddit unfolded by seo company orlando is that they created an ad campaign in which their main motive was to ask people if they want to be teleported. So in organising and running this campaign they came across several audience, talked to them and held contests. Their ads were entirely Reddit specific and all were redirected to the reddit posts and not to the site. There was no link which redirected the visitors to their site but still they managed to attract around 20,000 of them. So what was the reason behind this success?

  • There should be the right person involved in campaigning

  • Be engaged till the end

  • Research is the best policy. So review and find out what other campaigns did.

  • Be clear and genuine.

  • Involve tough questions.

After knowing so much about Reddit one root cause success strategy we have come across is to be engaged. Until and unless we do not take complete interest in the campaign and other things in the network there is no growth. The other thing to remember is to keep knowing your audience and work accordingly. 

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