Why H1 Tag is Important and Helpful For Your Site Ranking?


Why H1 Tag is Important and Helpful For Your Site Ranking?

For SEO trends we can say that it may come and go. The major element that one can consider in improving the site’s ranking is the H1 tag. So, considering the H1 tag in any content is important to increase the SEO? Or H1 tag is really important and helpful for the site ranking? 

So, in this article, we will remove confusion and answer all your questions regarding the H1 tag or the heading tag.  Also, we will discuss how you will check your sites existing H1 tag and how other heading tags help your site in a successful SEO. so, let’s get started….

Many internet marketing companies provide online marketing services to their clients and the major role in online marketing is played by SEO services. The SEO services work to extemporize the site’s ranking and visibility but they end up with less output! So what stops these SEO companies from being more productive? Its the headline tags indeed!

So, what is the heading or the header tags?

A long time ago before the webpages existed, people used to get informed through offline media services like - Newspapers, books, magazines, etc. On these to show the headline of the long tail stories or the news the generalist made the headline or the header text to introduce the whole content in a Short title. 

But after the webpages get introduced in the late 1990s the header tags which are also called heading tags get introduced to serve the similar. These tags are represented as the capital “H” followed by a number with it! These numbers can be changed depending on the websites. These header tags appear bolder, darker, bigger. 

For eg., when you open a webpage you will find a title written over the top of the page i.e. “top SEO companies in India” this particular line will be tag in the H1 tag. You will find this tag in the bolder, bigger, easy to read font. On the other hand, the descriptive text that you will read next is the H2 the secondary keywords. 

So, the H1 tag is really important and helpful for your site’s ranking?

Taking about the earlier days the SEO service providers “the experts” use the same old technique to write the H1 i.e. 

  • To wrap the title of the page in the H1 tag.

  • Use only one H1 tag on every page.

Over time many Seo service providers abandon these ideas and the strict theory of using only a single H1 tag on a page. This was replaced by the “larger text over the top of the web pages”.

Due to this many questions come up so often, for this on the webmaster’s hangout Google’s Jhon Muller stated :

So, form the above statement it is clear that H1 tags are important for every web page. But always keep in mind that H1 tags are the boldest and the largest headline which you can choose to make the title or draw the attention of the visitors to the title. Inserting too many H1 tags can harm your site as visitors can get confused. Thus, to not make any confusion regarding the same. You can make H2, H3, H4 tags instead of H1 tags. 

So, how these tags are helpful in the site’s ranking?

When we talk about the H1 tags there are many things that Google considers and figure out. There are several reasons behind having the H1 tag in the website’s content. So, let’s take look :

  • These H1 tags help the viewers in searching the content as well as the website. The H1 tag also helps the website in getting better ranking too. 

  • In some cases, it was observed that Google made the tag lines itself, only when there is no H1 tag in the web page. 

So, what do you get form the above this? It’s that heading makes all the difference as these are the most important factor to rank up your website. Most importantly always make structured data so that your ranking factor will get boosted. 

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