Why Blog? Importance of Blogging For a Website


Why Blog? Importance of Blogging For a Website

Initially, blogging was considered as a unique form of sharing feelings, thoughts, opinions and experiences. But, in the latter half of the 1990s, blogging initiated its take off in the digital marketing industry, and today it has covered a long way. From individuals to businesses, everyone utilizes the blogging platform to have a better online presence. 


Today, almost everyone from commercial websites to entertainment spots, are having their blog page in order to accentuate their digital presence. On the other side, in case you are running a website without a blog page, then mark the words ‘You are missing a massive opportunity to increase your visibility in digital world’. 


Blogging is Important - Ask Google


Sliding towards the existing internet-based society, it is highly advised to have a dominating online presence, which make you stand out against your competitors. "By sharing helpful advice with people through blogs, will make you hold the place of an expert and trustworthy person in the market," says McEwan


Whenever a user searches for a professional service, which you can provide, then, of course, you would like to see your name among the top names in search results. But how to do that? Yes! You can do this with SEO and blogging. 


With the evolution of technology, today Google and other search engines access some high-class algorithms to determine the updating rate of a website, which means how frequently you update your site, where the quality of content and concepts are key considerations. Here concepts are related with keywords. Google emphasis on the use of keywords, but remember Google hates keyword stuffing. 


Blogging is the only approach to add relevant content into your website and update it on the regular basis. It is believed to be the most effectual way to increase the website’s search engine rankings. To know more about blogging, we have outlined some reasons to depict its important role for your website. 


Reasons - Why Blog is Important? 


Blog Improves Your SEO

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Blog page is considered as an integral part for your SEO structure. It helps in improving the SEO mechanism for a web site. Adding the combination of fresh content with relevant keywords into your blog page is believed to be a smart move to beat your competitor in SERP. 


Except blogging, there is no other option to provide new content for Google and other search engines to index. With these practices, you will successfully build new opportunities to enhance your presence on the search engine page results. 


It Drives Traffic

A blog page is a unique approach to create fresh and relevant content for the targeted audiences. This aspect can be a real asset for your marketing strategy, which will help in driving traffic towards your website. You can post the links of your blog posts to various social media channels so that people directly land over to your website. 


Blogging displays the different and effective sides of your business, which can help you to have a positive impact on people and establish the connection with them. On a positive note, it provides a sense of business standards along with impactful personality and vision to your brand. 


Develops Relationship with Potential Customers

Blogging enables you to establish a connection with the targeted audiences. You can accomplish this, by asking engaging queries to the readers at the end of your post. You can add a comment section below so that the site visitors can give feedback to your blog. This practice would lead you to have a bond with the visitors and gain beneficial insights about what the visitors are looking for. 


Position Your Company as an Industry Leader


By delivering valuable and expert information to your clients, will lead you to establish trust and dominance within the industry. Well-written blogs will work as resources to show your company as an industry leader. Over the time, your website will be considered as a helpful and informative source for your customers, which can ultimately result in improvised conversion rates. 


Wrapping up


From a practical point of view, blogging makes sense for a website. Using minimal efforts and expenses, the blogging will help you to build a strong connection with your customers, while increasing your online presence. Especially, for small businesses who are looking for advantageous insights. 


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