Ways to stay focused in busy office


Ways to stay focused in busy office

You’re bent on finishing the work at hand, and suddenly something comes up.  There is always something or the other going on- like meetings, conversations or any other distracting things, especially if you are in marketing department says a seo consultant of the best seo company in USA.

You’re not wrong if you think you might be spending a bit too much time on non work related tasks. A study found that more than 80% of employees admit to wasting time at work, and of those, approximately 2% waste 4 hours a day. There is a chance of a guy hanging around your office getting paid to pretend to work.

Here are the proven ways also followed by some seo consultants, to keep yourself on task while keeping others away from you at the same time.

  • Put On Headphones

Putting on headphones, tell the world that you are too busy to other people’s noise. Pretend to be annoyed if anyone requests you to remove them. A bonus point is that the appropriate music keeps you motivated. Finding the happy medium will enhance your drive immensely and will make the day fly right by. 

  • Choose a great chair-and-table combo

Many people find working physically exhausting even if it’s done seated most of the time.

Don’t lose precious time and be distracted with discomfort. Get a really good and comfortable chair with great back support; make sure your desk or worktable is well-structured as well. That way you can work for many hours and not find your body and eyes getting strained.

  • Change your environment

Outside influences like air temperature air quality, color and smell can affect your focus. Purchase air filters, light Pine scented candles and paint a wall around you a productive shade of blue. 

In an effort to not waste your time, make your renovations after the working hours 

  • Write a To-Do List

Clients and coworkers will ask you to complete other high priority tasks that they need in urgent.This is okay. The point is, for a few moments while writing out your list you will feel in charge of your life.

  • Keep Your Desk Organized

Keep your desk clean and your mind fresh. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to clean your desk just so and to put things back where they belong. Remember each item’s placement. If they are moved the next morning, you know who has been messing with your things!!

  • Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee helps in keeping you alert and concentrate. Just make sure you do not drink it within the first two hours of waking up, as this is when your body's natural adrenaline keeps you awake and coffee can cause interruption to this phenomenon. Also, try to avoid drinking it on an empty stomach or before any big meetings. You definitely don’t want to be running to the bathroom all meeting, or coming across as an anxious or jittery. Avoid drinking coffee past afternoon, it can keep you from falling asleep at night and cause a vicious cycle of becoming exponentially more tired with every day that passes!

  • Prioritize the tasks

The first hour at work is where most people tend to be more productive. This is because all energies are yet to be spent. So put all the difficult, taxing and challenging tasks on your agenda during the first hours. Follow these with the less challenging work, and then end with those routine tasks that you find boring.

  • Let others know of your strict personal policies

If you are determined on making your personal working system work, let others know it. Chances are, you would be left alone on the hours where you are focused on the really big and important work. When people at work know you are free, they will pose questions and talk during such periods. Unless there’s a very urgent matter at hand, they will not disturb you at your work. 

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