Ways to publish content in Right Place and Right Time


Ways to publish content in Right Place and Right Time

All the bloggers, business owners and SEO providers always have a lot of content with them to publish all the time all over the world of Internet. The difference between good bloggers and great bloggers lies in the fact that the latter know exactly when to post the right content at the right place. Your content is the key to gain user’s trust for your site, but at the same time posting even the right content with a bad timing and place won’t help you much. So, it becomes very important for all the bloggers and the world wide SEO companies to have the knowledge about publishing your content at the right time.

Therefore, the art of learning that how to get the attention of the targeted audience and whether to publish the content only on our blogging site or on different sites, everything becomes very important. So, here we will see how can we publish our content at the right time and place to get the most out of it.

Two important things to keep in mind

Let us first enlist the two most important things to keep in mind which all the great bloggers and coolest SEO companies in the world do to be on the top:

  1. Decide where to post your content so that it can target the audience.

  2. Decide the time when it can be the best to post that particular content.

How can we do it ?

  • Content Placement: Placing content on the right place is a very vital step. If you are new in the business and do not have many followers then first you need to go through a quick market research for yourself, about all the popular sites and blogs where you can post your content. This is very important because you need to have the right idea about the places you would be looking for to reach out to the targeted audience. On the other hand, if you are having millions of followers and doing really great then it dose not means that you should keep your content limited to your blog only. Yes, there is an ocean of many other sites and blogs which can increase your followers always.

  • Find the correct niche: To be a great blogger, it's important to find your own niche. You should be able to know the worth of your content that how well it is going to perform at the other places. It is possible that your content might attract a bigger audience at some other site because it has a better niche for such content.

  • Content type must be right: Another very important thing to keep in mind is the type of content we choose. There are different type of contents which have a different impact depending upon the place of publishing and the targeted audience. The different form of content includes visual content, long form article, listicles, predictions and round ups. The visual content is basically best suited for social media platforms whereas the listicles and round ups are best suited as guest posts. However, if you post a round up on a social media platform it won’t grab that much attention of the people as it would an a guest post on some popular blog of a particular niche.

  • Right Content Tone: The tone of your content is another perspective for deciding where your content should be published. Your content has a tone, it connects to the reader when they read it and have an impact on the them. So, depending upon the tone you should target the place to publish it. For example, if your content is on a controversial and debating topic, then you should publish it on Medium, Linkedin or any other social forum because people are free to have an opinion there and they can express their view with freedom. However, if your content is regarding any information then you can post it on your own blog under a particular category, or you can look for other popular blogs which have a larger audience.

  • Correct Content Timing: Timing is another very important aspect for having impactful content online. No matter how good your content is, if you are posting at a bad time it will not have that much impact on the audiences. For example, if you are posting a recipe for christmas pie in the month of february would it hold the worth? No, it won’t be seen by many people because it is more relevant for the people during the christmas time. So, make  sure that the kind of information you are posting is relevant and has a good timing. Learn to save few things for their right time to come.

So, these were the tips for you to publish your content at the right place and at the right time. If you will follow them then getting good results is very certain.

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