Video content is the answer to outstanding content marketing!


Video content is the answer to outstanding content marketing!

People get sick of stagnancy and then comes the change, the inevitable thing which humbles everyone in a new stride. Content marketing has been the one remarkable thing over the years, but the all-text content is now the thing of past years. Image content was another milestone but the immediate and can be said, the most influential milestone in the history of content marketing is video content. 

The internet is full of blogs. Would you bet on your blog to become the favorite of users? Writers have peaked and if the best is yet to come, it will be overshadowed by their own past work. Content marketing is all about standing out, it is about coming up with something new when people are drawn towards the same thing. Once you exhibit the brilliance in inventing something new, your blog would remain a hot prospect, but only till the next thing comes up, more advanced and newer. 

The new thing you can do is simple and vivid: blend your content with video. The new blogs, products, websites have upped the generations, oh and of course, your most users are not the readers anymore. They want something which can be understood quickly and can be used quickly so that they can move on another piece of creativity, whether or not it is produced by you. 

The thing on the agenda is not just seeking the assistance of the Top SEO Agencies and appear on top on the search engine result page, but it is about engaging the visitors for once and for all, to produce something that can make them visit again on your website, and nothing is better at it than the videos. 

If you need some more of the convincing for making and posting videos, you would not have to go anywhere, here are the reasons:- 

  • Conversions and Sales

The word-populated landing page would only leave the users bamboozled, add video to it and you will see the demography booming only up and up. The best example is Dropbox. Initially, the concept of Dropbox was bouncing over them. As the UI offered by Dropbox was not familiar, then came up the video on the landing page, video that explained everything about the working of it. Right after video, the boom was of 10% in the conversion. 

Videos are the main cog in elevating the direct sales. The reason is not a wondering affair again, the explainer-video is enough, not to convince people to purchase, but to make them familiar with the uses and methods of the product. Compare the user-guide and YouTube of the watches, the chasm is clear, which thing is handy is clear, it is time to step up your marketing game and creating difference and leapfrog the competition. 

  • Greater ROI

Everyone loves biopics because it's cool to see the life of a personality through the eyes of that person itself. The same is for the products, it is indeed cool to know the best use and all the uses of a product from the creator itself rather than of spend hours of researching. And now you would not have to mull over why the businesses have reported 83% of hike in the return on investment. 

Now, get the perks of making videos: unlike all-text content, videos are fine even with the compromised quality. Moreover, your smartphone is skilled enough to make videos of quality. 

  • Search Engines 

Search engines have an appetite for the videos. That is the most wanted thing, eh? Engagement of users on your website would bring longer exposure which, in turn, would build up the trust of search engines. YouTube is in itself a search engine owned by Google, hence, no wonder the stats have shown the probability by the multiple of 52 to show above everyone else if your website has a video no it. 

The next task is to optimize the video on YouTube. Enticing title and description, link back to the website SEO Company would be instrumental in that. That’s the track to get the potential clients. Let them reach you, just make sure all the things are in order and video is engaging. 

  • The relation of videos and smartphones

Every year YouTube is reporting the rise of almost 99-100% in the consumption of videos, because? Because video views on mobile have been rising at the pace of 230% from 2013 when the report stated that almost 90% of videos were watched on smartphones. The number of smartphone users is growing relentlessly and commuting is the best time to watch them. Make the most of the opportunity. 

  • Videos can explain everything

The hype is for real! Only if it has video. Brands like Jordan, Ferrari, and many more luxury-end brands make videos and post them on their social media accounts, but barely on TV. The cause is engagement and of course, finding the right client for their services. Videos can explain everything, even the things that are hard to jot down and hard to speak about. The savior here is animated video. You can animate anything and everything. 

Go 3, 4, or 7 years back, and ask yourself if you would have clicked the learn more option. Barely! Because, what is the point of reading the long pages if the product itself is not interesting enough? But now the products are intriguing because ‘learn more’ does not suck anymore. A video pops up and you got everything to learn you needed. 

Marketing is one of the most intriguing phenomena, it is restless and ever-evolving. Falling stagnant is penalizing, working the way up is the only way you can keep the strides in your favor. Marketing is about moving with the pace and if you want to do something that can propel your stuff in the elites and always in demand then you would have to create something buzzworthy, something new, compelling, and video marketing is not the new technique, it is in fact, the answer to all the things that are pulling anyone back and it is the answer to the rotting.

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