Types of Mobile Marketing: What are they?


Types of Mobile Marketing: What are they?

In times when technology has advanced so much that small, powerful devices i.e. our mobile phones have become but an extension of ourselves. Everything we do- be it registering for a new class, or booking tickets- depends on the mobile phones. They hold about every vital information about us. 

In times like this, seo Victoria Street claims that how marketers promote products has also drastically changed. Rather than spending huge amounts of money in placing their ads on billboards, mobile marketing firms have now popped up everywhere to help companies get out there and reach a larger number of audience through mobiles.

Here are some of the types of mobile marketing- some that have been prevalent throughout the history, and some that have only recently become popular.

  1. SMS Marketing

The oldest form of mobile marketing is sending short text messages. This practice still remains relevant in countries like India, Bangladesh, etc where people have still not adapted to the internet. Although technology has progressed tremendously, sms still remains something that people read immediately. You could rely on email marketing, or be prevalent on social media- nothing has still been able to beat the click through rate that sms has. Used by almost every kind of company there is, sms marketing is also popular because it is the least expensive form of marketing. 

  1. Mobile Internet Marketing

Internet has been around us close to three decades. But it is only recently that people have realised the need to use internet to its right potential. Mobile internet marketing involves the world wide web as well as mobiles. It is because this has opened a huge market that people take seo training courses in order to learn how to make their companies feature higher on the results page.

  1. MMS Marketing

Now redundant, mms or multimedia messaging service involved using images, sound, or videos in order to create the same effects as ads did. However in comparison with sms, mms was a more expensive option and not all mobile phones were equipped with the mms service. That is probably why mms marketing services phased out so soon. 

  1. Bluetooth Mobile Marketing

This type of marketing employed the bluetooth technology for mobile marketing. This would allow marketers to send sms and mms messages to potential buyers within a geographical location for free. That is why this type of mobile marketing had become especially popular among locally oriented businesses. The drawback however was that mobile users needed to be in a particular distance of a bluetooth enabled computer and that they need to accept the message. That, alongside the raging popularity of internet marketing has rendered bluetooth messaging useless.

With the recent popularity of internet mobile marketing, it seems hard to believe that there ever was any other type that was ever prevalent. With internet mobile marketing an seo company Sydney says that we are introduced to different ways in which we can improve our visibility towards users and get more effective results than ever before. Now, you can easily turn your potential customers into real time buyers by intriguing them simply with the help of mobile ads. 

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