Transform Your Blog Into a SEO Machine


Transform Your Blog Into a SEO Machine

There are many ways to generate traffic to your blog post. But not just by posting your blog on your website and sitting folding hands, waiting for the people to read. How the general masses going to know about your blog post? They need to be informed and aware about your posts, you are going to upload on your website. 

About 80% of the blog posts remain stagnate with no traffic and very lesser readers, just like posting a blog on a personal blog site. You need to promote your website  on various platforms of social media, via emails, sms or any other mode. 

Simply uploading on your site doesn’t make any sense. To transform your blog into a SEO machine, you need to either get associated with one of the Best SEO Companies or you need to hire one. 

SEO Companies suggests the best effective ways to get blog post read, they are:

  • Sharing on social media

  • Using an email list to distribute new posts

  • Purchasing Google or Facebook advertising to drive awareness

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Among all aforesaid ways, SEO is the best one to opt out at  present times. If you have a few hours to invest, here are three ways to transform your blog or website into a search-friendly traffic generator.  All of them are free, other than the time you’ll invest.

  1. Install a good SEO plug in:

The free SEO solution provided by wordpress is ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’, which makes it easy as red light, yellow light, green light. Make sure to keep in mind that simply installing this plugin isn’t helpful in and of itself – but many bloggers stop at this first step. Its real power lies in understanding how to use it correctly and choosing the right keywords. There are many other plugin available for free to build an SEO for your blog. You can try those too.

  1. Do keyword research: 

Spend few time doing keyword research using various applications or softwares of keyword generation provided by various brands on their websites that too free of cost. Otherwise you can use Google’s keyword research tool to continue your research. Come up with those keywords which are searched by the users more frequently and repetitively.

This research will help you generate more traffic to your website. You will learn by this research that which keyword generates more traffic and which does not. It will help you a lot to transform your blog into SEO Machine in a very lesser time.

    3.Choose one keyword, then include it in your post permalink, title, and first sentence.

Make sure you have WordPress set to name the page URL as your post name (which can be changed in settings> permalinks> postname), this will automatically put the keyword in your post URL – also called the permalink. This is an essential component for SEO success.

Then, simply use the default text for the “SEO title” field at the bottom of the page (which is your title plus the name of your blog), and copy the first sentence of the post into the “Meta Description” field. If good writing dictates NOT using the keyword in the first sentence (which happens often but is not optimal), then paste in the first blog sentence that does have the keyword in it, or write one that uses the keyword and describes the post in a way that people will want to read it. Put the keyword in the “Meta Keywords” field, then you are all done.

SEO magic happens when you identify one keyword to focus on, then put it in the tri factor of permalink page title, and page description.

Make sure that keyword is included in the body of post a few times, is relevant and appropriate, and then hit publish. But remember mentioning keywords genuine number of times, otherwise it will lead to keyword stuffing and hence will demolish your whole blog post. 

There are many other ways too, to convert your blog post into SEO machine, but these aforesaid points are going to help you do this all faster and without any monetary investment. The biggest investment you have to do under this is of time. That’ it!

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