Top 9 Seo Tips For Handling Large Ecommerce Websites


Top 9 Seo Tips For Handling Large Ecommerce Websites

Large ecommerce websites are overwhelming. Large ecommerce websites has enormous number of pages which are capable to create a lot of issues such as product variant, complex filtering system and expired products. The SEO practice for large ecommerce site requires a different kind of SEO strategy.

Like any other website, keyword research and onsite optimization practices apply to ecommerce sites as they would use for standard sites. In this post, we will discuss SEO tips for large ecommerce site.

Let us begin:

  • Make sure that your site is on HTTPS

Consultants from best seo company in usa suggest that switching to HTTPS is particularly important for websites to ensure safety for larger ecommerce websites. Ecommerce websites needs exchange of personal information, highly sensitive payment information, thus it requires important safety measures for ecommerce websites.

To create a strong safety measure in your website implement a SSL certificate correctly. Always make sure to create a transparency in communicating your security compliance to users. Give detailed information on the step you have taken to offer high security level and display relevant symbol and logos to show that you comply to all norms of security.

  • Optimizing product categories

After the security quotient the next best thing to focus on optimizing the important category pages. These are the pages where targeted top level keywords are used for creating high traffic. Generally category pages are quiet flops as thin content is used. Text are used generally in favour of showing products. However, this can create a havoc for ranking.

To enhance ranking potential of category pages, it is better to focus in link building campaign on generating links to them. Category pages serves as a gateway to product, therefore, it a good idea to prioritize in site optimization efforts.

  • Optimizing product pages

Product pages are a real problem for optimization.  Professionals from SEO company atlanta suggest that the easiest way to begin with product pages optimization is beginning with product description. It may sometime be tempting to copy and paste the description from the manufacturers but this means making the duplicate content of the website which is a havoc for SEO.

Description are fundamentally used for selling product and increasing conversion. Make sure that description is interesting,enticing and in line with brand personality. You can create a format for the product description for making the process much easy. You can consider getting user generated content on the product page which include social media mentions and reviews. These provide social signal which helps in increasing conversions and bring further unique content to the page. Try creating title tags which are based on keyword research. Create a standard format for these titles for consistency and ease. These may not help in creating higher ranking but they will increase the click through rate in SERPs.

  • Product variance

By product variance we mean about different style, sizes, colour and model for one product. The best way to approach for product variance is to display options where users can easily change the colour, size  or model but without URL changing in process. You don’t want these pages to be competing with each other. If you don’t have product variance, then make sure to use canonical tag the main tag version.

  • Images

Visuals are important way to entice the users. Always make sure to use high definition images to entice potential customers. The product images should not be too large or they should not slow down the website due to image. Plus, don’t forget to implement image searches and add appropriate alternative text for all images.

  • Be wary for filters

There are many kinds of filters available in large ecommerce website to make users find relevant product. Filters may be useful for users but can be really troublesome for generating URLs for each type of filter searches.

Make sure to check Google search console to see how many pages are correctly indexed. If the numbers are pretty high then the best solution is adding a meta robot tag with noindex, follow to filtered page. These tags lead to pages being dropped from the index, making it easy for bringing better conversion.

  • Expired or out of stock item

This problem is really common among ecommerce websites. Several products come and go but there are no needs to remove out of the stock from the site as removing these product may lead to valuable loss of traffic. Instead make sure to leave the product page live and when the product is back in stock and provide similar option in the meantime. If the product expires then you need to remove the page. Use 301 redirects to divert the traffic from the page to others.

  • Site architecture

Make sure to provide seamless internal navigation for providing good user experience. This also helps in google crawl and indexing in the site. It is important to ensure that categories are well linked from the homepage and the products are linked to category page.

Provide links to product in blog content in order to continue the user journey and funnel to make a purchase. Try linking new product from homepage to increases the chances of getting indexed quickly.

  • Pay attention to URLs

With large ecommerce website, the chances are too easy for URLs to get over complex. Make it clean and escape any parameters to ensure that are devoid of jumbled and nonsensical character. Make sure to keep it clean and tidy by sticking to lower case letter and utilize hyphens instead of using underscores and make it short and crisp.

These tips mentioned are capable to bring great result in terms of SEO for larger ecommerce website. Try these tips and let us know!

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