Top 4 Cornerstones To Make A Brand Magnetic?


Top 4 Cornerstones To Make A Brand Magnetic?

You must have heard about the term AIDA that means awareness, interest, desire and action. This term was coined by Elias St. Elmo Lewis and is used widely in marketing and advertising sectors. AIDA has taken place in various sectors till now and it always begins with driving customer’s attention at the very first point. Keeping in mind the AIDA model, the SEO agency Bristol plans and strategize the ways to spread brand awareness among their group of target audience because it is the only thing that will help your brand to achieve pre-determined goals and objectives of either driving traffic, lead generation, increasing conversion rates or any other.

The biggest reason behind not getting desired results out of your business efforts is the lack of brand awareness, as stated by the SEO services Bristol. In spite of having great products, offering great services and having a great team of professionals, no one knows about your brand or its product/services. It is quite depressing for the brands or the professionals who had put in all hard work on Internet and what did they get in return, nothing!

To come out of such a depressing aura, you are required to spread the word for your brand and for this you are required to look at these cornerstones of a strong brand:

  • Your message is consistent

The message you want to spread among your target audience should tell everything what you are, what your aims and objectives are, what you stand for etc. The brand message can grow, develop and evolve but it cannot change at any cost because everything can change but not the message. It means that if you have started with a cab booking services and now you switch to car mechanism, it is not going to work at all. Your brand has to be consistent with its identity and its working.

  • Your business is personable

Your business is required to have a distinct, unique and exclusive personality so that it can stand apart from the competition. Your target audience should think of your business as a person that too a memorable one. The target audience falls for the businesses that are friendly, communicative, interactive and engaging. But, the fact is marketing is reverting and if you actively promote your brand among the right audience you will definitely be getting higher returns. Thus, it is quite important for you to give your business a distinct personality.

  • Your business values are transparent

Consider keeping your business transparent before your target audience because it is important to drive the attention of your target audience and build a sense of credibility in their minds for your business. For this, make sure that you keep on sharing your business activities and let your target audience know live updates about your business. It will keep them engaged with your brand and engagement leads to spreading brand awareness.

  • Your repetitive exposure pieces are simple

Consider attracting target people at every place and at any time using your logo, tagline, slogan, jingles and other such marketing things. Do not make them complicated, make sure that you make everything worth memorable. Rather coming upon with complex ideas of promoting your brand consider coming up with simpler ways that may the ones that you’ve already used in past. 

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