Top 14 Wordpress Plugin For Improving Seo Of Your Website


Top 14 Wordpress Plugin For Improving Seo Of Your Website

Search engine optimization in itself is a long term process which needs a significant amount of time and rigorous efforts to fetch visible results for the website. In its raw, uncut form SEO is a timetaking process therefore, we all need certain simplifying or speeding up tools which can follow the best practices of SEO,yet do it within limited time.  Plugins are the one such tools which are a great helper for speeding up the SEO process of a website.

Every website is hosted on some or the other platform. If your site is hosted on WordPress CMS, you are very fortunate as you can access a plethora of plugins provided by the platform for the users.

The problem with wordpress plugins lies in the fact that there are around 54,000 plugins on the platform and selecting among such a huge number is really difficult. 

To ease your process of searching the most effective SEO tool for your website, we compiled this post in which we highlight top 14 wordpress plugin which can prove extremely helpful for the website needs.

These range of SEO plugin encompasses plugins for simple purposes to the most complicated ones:

Let us begin:

1. Yoast SEO

We begin with the most all rounded SEO plugin. SEO Professional from SEO services in Denver consider Yoast as a very easy and intuitive plugin which makes it really easy for anyone to work on SEO. It helps in providing a detailed guidelines which proves really beneficial for new as well seasoned SEO practitioners.

The only drawback that the plugin holds is it does not analyse the entire page sometimes. For example, if a relevant content piece of a particular page is found is some other place within CMS. These things can create an issue for the clients and they find it scammy.

Nevertheless, Yoast is a powerful all round SEO plugin and experts recommends it for various purposes.

2. All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack got its existence before Yoast, therefore, enjoys a good amount of fan base. This plugin provides benefits and features similar to Yoast but all in one SEO is less user friendly as compared to Yoast. Choosing between the two is a personal preference of the users and their needs.

3. The SEO framework

The SEO framework is a good alternative of the two mentioned above. It provides an automated and quick SEO solution which is unbranded and holds a clear interface. Users finds it more efficient than Yoast as it much simpler and easy to understand.

This plugin may not be that much accessible as compared to other two, however, its users friendliness makes it ideal for users. 

In short, if you are newbie in SEO then stick to Yoast and if not than SEO framework is ideal for you.

4. Redirection

Houston SEO agency experts believe setting up redirects for broken links or for the deleted pages helps in adequately maintaining the users experience.

This is helped by redirection plugin that helps in handling every kind of redirects from one place. You can create a new redirect, manage the existing ones and tighten up the loose ends with this plugin.

5. Smush image compression and optimization

Page speed is one of the most crucial factors when optimizing site for SEO. Page speed is generally affects with the image size which affects the website, making it load slowly. Optimizing each heavy image manually is one hell of a task but there is solution to this problem. A plugin called smush image compression and optimization helps in compressing all images of the site with a single click. You have the option to resize the images as per the need and make the loading of the site much faster.

6. W3 total cache

This plugin is also related to page speed. W3 total cache plugin reduced the loading time, enhances the download speed and also improves the conversion rate. Thus, it helps in improving the overall performance and speed of your site.

7. WP-Optimizer

This plugin is a great help for keeping your website clean. WP-Optimizer cleans up the database of wordpress creating space and effectively increasing its efficiency. More efficient the database is, the more will be the site loading speed and performance. So, now you know whom you need to utilize!

8. Google XML sitemaps

Sitemaps are like road maps for search bots to easily move around the website and crawl each section easily. The Google XML sitemaps plugin is a blessing as it helps in creating a pathway which is known as sitemap much easily without any third party tool.

Never forget to submit your XML sitemap in Google Search Console.

9. Broken link checker

As the name suggest this broken link checker plugins effectively finds out any broken links within the site. Broken links within a site can create a huge havoc in terms of destructing the user experience and the overall link structure. This plugin helps in finding any broken links hidden within site and take necessary action.

10. All in one WP security and firewall

Google and other search engines gives a strong emphasis on security issues. The worst kind of user experience is provided to a site users if they end up being corrupted by the malware of your website. In case, your site gets hacked your ranking would significantly get affected.

To solve these security issue all in one WP security and firewall plugin is capable. It helps in keeping the safe and secured. While you use this plugin for better security measure consider getting SSL certificate.

11. Yet another related post plugin(YARPP)

The ranking of a site is dependent on the bounce rate, therefore, efforts should be taken to minimize the bounce rate. For that it is better to use a clear call to action button and placed were users automatically moves.

Blogs post contents and others related are a great way to engage and retain users. However, if these tactics are not working then use yet another related post plugin(YARPP). This plugin is a really handy tool and uses algorithms to analyse the most effective post for users engagement. This way users are easily retained and bounce rate is reduced.

12. All in one rich snippets

Schema markup holds a lot of significance in SEO. schema markup may not directly affect the ranking but has a lot of influence on it. It is generally the best option to implement schema markup manually, however, all in one rich snippet plugin can help in getting it implemented within no time.

13. Akismet 

Akismet has been a really popular plugin which helps in dealing with spam comments, protecting the site from the harmful after effects. In terms of SEO, it protects from harmful links appearing within the comment box of the site.

These spammy links can make your site even look spammy to users, thus, it is good to avoid these completely.

14. AMP for WP

For the increasing trend of mobile first technology, it is important to implement accelerated mobile page. AMP is a open source initiative which provides an easy way to generate pages which are faster in loading and works smoothly across all mobile sites.

The AMP for WP plugin adds AMP functionality automatically within sites which makes the site faster to load on mobile devices.


These plugins listed here are not the only plugin which are helpful in improving site SEO, there are many more!. Always remember never to go overboard for plugins. Adding and installing these plugins stated above can surely help in your website SEO improvement.

Do let us know your feedbacks in the comment box below.

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