Tips on How You Can Target Your Competitor’s Keyword


Tips on How You Can Target Your Competitor’s Keyword

Are you confused about what keyword to choose and what not to for upgrading your site’s ranking? Especially when you are talking about the competitors’ keywords! Of course, you don’t wish to indirectly promote your competitors’ site by using their keywords. Right? Just like the other major things in SEO considering some minor things in it is also important. Every step which you are going to take or every tactic you are going to make must be intentional and strategic with your decisions. Considering each and everything before publishing is very essential to be checked. Therefore in this article, we are suggesting the top techniques used by the top SEO Firms for identifying each correct track of the competitors and also helps you in prioritizing which of the keywords of your competitors you can target and which not.

We are pretty sure that you may use the various tools for searching the most effective keyword which may help you in attracting more targeted audiences over your site. Many keyword search tools like - Keywordspy, Spyfu, Ahrefs and many more will help you by suggesting the best keyword as per your requirement. This keyword researcher is a pretty smart thing to go for as they will leave you with the best information. On the other hand, your main perspective is to know what keyword your SEO services companies competitors are using for the best ranking. Finding your competitors ranking keywords can be easy to find but the main challenge is to identify which keyword to put at the first position and which not? It was well said that in the world of keyword research tools there are various ways to search keywords. But there is a little bit of a difference in the classic keyword search. 

You can understand with the example i.e. when you see a huge category in the searched title you will find mainly the similar words in the searched list. Along with the difficulty, organic and volume ratio. These ratios will make you understand what to select and what not! It depends upon the searcher what keyword they want to prefer and what not based on the ratios of the available tree categories some go for the organic ratio some for the volume. So how can you select the correct keywords for which you need to go for and which not? Let’s take a look  over these points :

  • Always Select those competitors who target the same audiences which you do-

There will be no competition with the same field competitors, therefore, it is important to have the same field competitors. Who targets the same audience you want to target. You can understand it with an example i.e. you have a company that manufactures AC then you have competitors like - Hitachi, Diakan, O’General, etc. they all manufacture the same product just like you. They use many types of resources which means you can take their keywords. This will only help you in making things work. Therefore it is important to select and go after only those keywords or the competitive companies that target the same audience just like you. Targeting non-competitors or the non-competing companies keywords will always keep you at the same level.  

  • Always make sure about the keyword and try to understand them by yourself first -    

In case of a classic sort of funnel, you may find the people who may be buying down at the particular site. When you go up you will find the people who have searched for the particular keywords up here, but the most effective part which may help you the most will be the finding. The finding refers to those people who you may lose and people who make it through the purchase process. Doing this can be the most helpful process as it will help you in knowing which type of terms and phrases you need to target or not. This is done because when you are prioritizing your keywords you probably don’t wish to go after those keywords which cannot send you the traffic, therefore, selecting those keywords which are not the same. If your main aim is to acquire raw traffic only which means promoting through advertising and other sources then you may target a lot of audiences well. 

Things you must consider while selecting the keywords 

  • Searching for all the elements which can make your content the best one is not as easy as it appears. Whether you go organic search type or the paid one you have to make your opinion and suggest or discuss it with your SEO team as well. It can be the high volume, low difficulty or high organic click one must check the keywords and discuss it as well. It’s just the ratio for which you need to be concerned about choosing the right keyword can be a challenging task. Therefore selecting the correct keyword is important.

  • Considering google Adwords can be the best way to understand the whole process. When you take the help of it you will know the volume of the keyword which is important for making a subtle decision. Understanding the volume of the funnel is important which means whether you paid for the keywords or not you can create your keywords as well. You can consider your competitor’s keywords which means the keywords they use you can use the same one but in a different way.  

  • From the above point, you can understand that you can use your competitor’s keywords. But what do you have to do next? It's the conversion of the keywords which they use for maximizing the traffic towards their site. All you have to do is to observe their steps and pick out those words which are boosting their ranking. Then the next step is to select the words out from their keywords which can work for your site too. And then form a new keyword. 

And finally, exclude those promoting brands or the words which are not linked with your business. Promoting those brands which are not the same as yours was not the right option to go for. Because supporting the non-similar brands can make your site visiting less only! Therefore it is important to not to use the name of those brands which do not form your field. Also using a similar keyword for promotion, again and again, cannot provide a larger number of audiences. That’s why using different keywords can be the best option to go for. As it not only acquires a larger number of audiences to your site but also makes them understand about your services and products too. So using the generic keyword can be helpful too. 

So using the above-mentioned points and proper potential keywords you can target the higher level of the audience and build up a good portfolio just like many other top SEO companies.

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