The Beginners Guide to Link Building


The Beginners Guide to Link Building

Link Building is an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has already been used for many years to generate more traffic on the site. The importance of building high quality and links is needed too much in the new marketing techniques. Every business is online, everyone is competing with each other to be on top. The high-quality link building techniques help you get the result that you have been looking for. If you already know about link building or know about link building this guide will help you find everything about link building and how it can help you grow with your business. 

What is Link Building

Link Building is the process of acquiring positive traffic through hyperlinks from other websites on their own. Search Engines crawls the links on the various websites where you have posted the link. There are many techniques from which the link building is possible but the various techniques vary from simple to difficult. Many SEO experts think positive link building is one of the hardest jobs in the world. And many SEO specialists spend the majority of the time trying to do well. So, if you are able to perform the best link building techniques then you will be way ahead of your competition. 

Why Link Building Is Important for SEO?

In order to understand the importance of link building first, we need to understand how a link is created, how search engines see links, & what they can interpret from them. 

  • Start the Link Tag - “a” is called anchor tag and this in front of the links tells the search engines that link to something else is about to follow. 

  • Link Referral Location - The href stands for hyperlink referral & the text inside the quotation marks indicates the URL to which the link is pointing. These local links are used to be on the different sections of the page you are already in. 

  • Visible Text of the Link - This is the little bit of text that users see on the page, on which they need to click if they want to open the link. 

  • Closure of Link Tag - This signals the end of the link tag to the search engines.

What Link Means to Search Engines

There are different ways by which search engines use links. The first one is to discover new web pages and the second one is to determine how well a page should rank in their results.

Once the search engines have crawled the pages on the web, they can extract the content of those pages and add them to its indexes. In this way, the search engines can check for the sufficient number & quality of keywords to rank the page higher on the search. Search engines not only look at the page content but also look at the number of links pointing towards that page from outside & the quality of those external websites. So, more high-quality websites that link to you, the more likely you are to rank in search results. 

Links are an important part of any website and the above process is taken by Google the biggest & best search engine in the world. Earlier Larry Page considered the website best on which thousands of websites are linking to. But since distinct SEO techniques are used to many websites that don’t even deserve are on the top of the search on Google and that’s the reason Google came up with the new updates which dispose of the ranking of the site if it doesn't deserve the top or current position. And that’s the reason it’s said that link building is really important. More recently, Google has actively penalized the rankings of websites that have attempted such overuse of these techniques—often referred to as over-optimization—in their link building.

So, if you need to be on top of the search then you need to get high-quality links to your website. The focus on quality is increasing as Google has become more sophisticated at filtering out low-quality links. This means you need to perform the best SEO techniques and focus on the quality to be better.

Everything About Nofollow attribute

There is an attribute that can sometimes be applied to links called “nofollow” attributes. If you add this attribute to the link then you won’t see any changes as a user. This attribute tells Google not to pass any page rank across this link to the target URL. So you’re telling Google not to trust this link and to discount it from consideration when they are ranking the pages. 

Out of the many reasons, the best and most suitable is that you are not confident about the link that has been added. There are many examples of it like blog comments, forum posts, Editable wiki pages, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Guest post signatures and many more. Users are allowed to add links on these sites, and because of the size of these sites, it is really difficult for them to authenticate every information. So, in order to deter link spammers from taking advantage of a site's PageRank, the site will often choose to apply the nofollow attribute to all links posted by other users.

How Building Links Can Help Business?

As we have already mentioned, it's a very important signal that search engines use to determine rankings. There are many benefits to link building, that might show their impact right now but later they will. Let us talk about the other benefits of link building on the business. 

  • Building relationships - Link building can help you outreach the other relevant websites and blogs in your industry. This reach will help you share your information and data easily online. Outreach can help you build long-term relationships with key influencers in your industry, and these relationships can mean that your business becomes highly regarded and trusted.

  • Brand Building  - The brand building is really important for every business which is online or offline. Once any business has become a brand then it will automatically sell the product and the services. Link building techniques like content creation can help any business to build a brand. When you do outreach and try to get links to the content, you are showing your expertise and asking other people in your industry to help spread the word and show others the same.

Here is everything about the Link Building. All link building campaigns must start with something worth linking to. Begin with something truly valuable that people find useful and you will become better with link building. 

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