Social Signals - Next Era in search marketing



Social Signals - Next Era in search marketing

Social signals are the likes, shares, votes, pins, or views people place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites.These activities are considered as contributing factors in the search engines ranking and are seen as another form of citation as backlinks.

Social signals indicates that your brand is getting popularity and is been talked about by the customers and thus your sites trust is build up in search engine.

Social signals and SEO

Search engine’s sole aim is to provide their user the most relevant ,good quality website for the search query made. Search engines gauge quality in large part by how frequently a URL is seen throughout the web, and as more web communication has moved to social media, Google and other search providers have integrated social signals as a ranking signal. Consult USA seo companies to improve your ranking in SERP.

Google's partnership with Twitter, which added tweets to search results, is further evidence of the growing significance of social media in search rankings. Relevant social signals include:

  • Number of tweets and retweet, and the popularity(followers) of the people tweeting.

  • Facebook likes,shares.

  • Number of people that “have you in their circles” (Google+).

  • Mentions on community sites like Reddit, Tumblr also have an increased impact on SERP.

What Social Signals can do ?

Social signals have become a powerful weapon for search engine optimization. It has several impact on your website as -

  • Decreased bounce rate,increase in number of  repeat visitors,higher time on site- due to the popularity you gain through tweets ,facebook likes,shares on linkedIn etc. you are attracting more and more visitors to your site.Visitors spend more time at your site and the more repeated visitors at your site means your are providing relevant information   hence bounce rate is also decreasing. Take seo services to improve your on page factors and attract more traffic at your site.Google considers the most randomly visited websites and improve their ranking in search results.

  • Improve Brand awareness, authority of your site- Since you are getting more likes, shares, and people are talking about your brand so your brand awareness is increasing and hence your building up more authority and trust on the web.It also helpful in building inbound links.Links are considered to be one of the most powerful factors in enhancing rank in search engine result page. Talk to seo consultants to build high quality content of your site and grab more potential customers .

  • Increasing positive reviews- Social medial is often being used these days as an alternative to customer service support medium. Users can tweet to a company products or services and get answered.  Likewise facebook can be used to give new product support to the customers so that they can save time from unhelpful outsourced customer service department. This easy access to a company helps users feel a closer, organic connection with the brand, increases customer loyalty, and builds consumer trust, all of which lead to more and better reviews on review sites.This is greatly helpful in local search result rankings, also leads to more conversion rate.

 What you should be doing ?

For businesses looking for higher search ranking need to build up a comprehensive social media strategy along with usual seo tactics.Content is “king” just remember it, create content that is valuable, informative and interesting for your potential customers to get more social visibility. You can turn up the volume of social signals with these simple tricks and strategies below-

  • Set up accounts and publish your business related content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+Pinterest, and YouTube. 

  • Regularly update your social sites with multiform content like posts, bookmarks, votes, re-shares and comments — these are just a few actions that Google uses to help determine a site’s ranking.

  • Use images as they have more power to enthrall the potential customers and greatly increase interaction for all social media types.

  • Monitor your brand status at social media . There are several social media marketing apps to track likes, re-tweets, shares, keywords associated to your brand.

  • Listen what people are saying about your brand, respond to critics in positive and constructive way and then build smart strategies accordingly.

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