Smart Marketing Ideas When You Have Hit the Bottom Dollar


Smart Marketing Ideas When You Have Hit the Bottom Dollar

Once upon a time…

Actually, a few days back, by the end of the last month, I ran out of money. There were still four days left and I didn’t have a penny to spend. I, who usually take a cab, walked to the office. I could only think that If I had planned better, this day would never have happened.

Anyhow, I survived the four days and got the salary. Now, those four days have taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget.

I am telling you the story because the idea for this post came from the four days I lived. I thought what could marketers do if they also run out of money. They certainly cannot demand more money because that would just hurt their credibility. Here are some marketing ideas suggested by the top 10 SEO Agencies that you can use if you hit the rock bottom and you have to show the results anyhow.

#1. Use the old data to find out what usually works

It is said that the analytics should never stop. You should always be collecting data to gauge your performance and identify new opportunities. All this process needs money that you do not have at this point in time. You cannot plan without data too, so a better approach is to use the data you collected in the past. Yes, the shopping habits of the people change with times and seasons but you can get an idea about the general behavior. You know what worked in the past months and you can implement the similar strategies keeping the time relevance.

#2. Reuse the old content and the old design

The creativity is expensive if you do not have that. Marketers are creative people but they cannot do it all. They cannot design and write content. This time, you cannot pay to the creative team to design an ad and write a content; so use your old ads in the marketing. These must be the ones that performed well. You can change the product name and color coding on your own to give it a new shape. Post the old content of yours on social media. It was a success back then, so chances are that it would be a success now too. Anyhow, what other option do you have?

#3. Focus on old customers, leave new customers for the next month

Customer acquisition is quite an expensive task. You have to set all the marketing strategies at the place and they need money. When your pockets are empty, it is advised that you do not go for the new prospects, instead, focus on the ones that you already have. These people have already experienced your products and services, so they will need less convincing. There must be many people who subscribed but didn’t purchase or one who purchased a long time back. It is time to retain the old customers and sell to them.

#4. Invest in Customer Referral if you have to

If you still want to acquire new customers, instead of reaching out to them, ask your customers to bring you the new ones. Customer referral programs are always the best way to make customers. Yes, there are chances of frauds too but on an average, it is a success. In return, you can offer a free trial product or loyalty points redeemable on next purchase or discount coupon.

#5. Invest in the strategies that do not require money

Nothing is free in this world but some things cost less. You have to prioritize your tasks and identify which tasks can be completed with the least money investment. Pick the low hanging fruits first to get benefited and with the money saved/earned, you can move on to the next task. This time is the best time to test the loyalty of your customers. You can ask them for some creativity like banner designing or content writing in lieu of recognition on your blog/website. This would help you save money a lot.

#6. Partnerships can do

This is the best trick in the book of a successful SEO Company. When you have a limited budget, a great idea that works is to make partners with the local business complementary to your client’s. You can get some extra budget to make the things work and both the businesses will be benefited with the association. This is an opportunity to get local links for your website and the audiences that you have been ignoring.

Are  you a marketer? Have you ever faced such a situation? What are your ideas to  deal with it?

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