SEO World Welcomes Machine Learning



SEO World Welcomes Machine Learning

While working for search engine optimization industry, marketers only hear terms like Panda, Google algorithm, Penguin or Pigeon, which clearly reflects that SEO world has vastly been dominated by Google’s algorithm updates. But now or may be in coming time, for SEO the custom has been changed.

Machine Learning has entered the field of SEO and it comprises the potential of refurbishing everything in SEO mechanism from algorithm updates to social media management. Let us learn more about the surprising thing named as Machine Learning, as in this post, we have dive into this subject.

What is Machine Learning? Robots, Who’ll Work on SEO?

Well, Yes or may be No. Machine Learning, you might be understanding with the term reflecting a scientific technique of enabling the computers to perform without getting programmed explicitly.

Yeah, that’s right! In future, Google’s algorithm will not rule the SEO world, but the SEO industry will act as a machine overload. Even though, we can consider how much the users and vendors are dependent on search engines, which clearly indicating that it will be happening soon. On the twisted side, for Google Machine Learning serves as an algorithm.

Jokes apart! In this post, we are going to dig into the new Machine Learning algorithm by Google, which does not need to be updated manually, like other algorithms.

If we talk about future, Google still relies on manual algorithm updates that help Google in providing relevant results and avoid deception in the search results. On the other hand, there are a number of examples of old algorithms which are still working for SEO. In actual fact, the company also requires manpower to check the quality along with ensuring that it’s working time-to-time or not. However, now most of the search engines like Google are researching a lot about machine learning while desiring to take the human part out of the equation. This practice can arrive with a wide range of consequences for digital marketers working hard for their website.

Machine Learning Impact on SEO

Machine Learning, an SEO algorithm which will be updated without any manual effort. This kind of algorithm might ruin all of your hard work for digital marketing.

Suppose, what would have happened, in case Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update had released without any prior announcement. This update made marketers and SEO Company Bristol panicking and checking their websites, whether its working fine on mobile devices. We can’t even say, what would be the state of SEO industry. Even after enough time, many marketers noticed that the websites which were not mobile-friendly were ranked lower in the search results. But with the help of prior announcement, many professionals working in SEO firms and SEO agency Birmingham are confident that we have adjusted to the same level by the given time period. However, the dread which we witnessed by the span had rumbled the SEO industry.

The same case can also relate with Machine Learning. This algorithm will be updated automatically which means the Google engineers themselves would not be the authority figures on the update time and they might not be able to gain traction for the updating practices. Thus, it would be a great move to be prepared for Machine Learning possibilities. 

Apple Desiring to Compete With Google

According to a recent news, Apple is working dedicatedly on its search engine project, and desiring to directly compete with Google. While Bing & Yahoo have wavered in their attempts to beat Google, now Apple is gearing up to lead the race. But we can’t underestimate Apple, as it has something which all the other competitors don’t – millions of people using Apple devices.

Leaving everything else, Apple and its developed algorithms are just focusing on the users, even the monetization. Nevertheless, the algorithm will be deployed on the devices that the brand is already making immense money. This can be immense “f@&k you” to Google, as Google’s entire business model is only working for monetizing the search results.

Thus, now there are two aspects which can cause a huge disturbance in the search results – Machine Learning and Apple’s launch in the search engine. It could have a major impact on the SEO industry and for those companies which are champions of this game.

Hence, what will you do with all of the above information? We can suggest you to design a website with superior quality content that would interest the users and share it among the peers. Whether the machine learning approach has entered into the SEO world or any company dominating the popular search engines, the basic strategy will never be modified.

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